Belief & Betrayal

Posted by Mervyn Graham.
First posted on 01 August 2008. Last updated on 13 August 2009.
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Belief & Betrayal is an intriguing murder mystery adventure game that ranks alongside the best of Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt adventure novels. Originally developed by Artematica, an Italian game development company founded in 1996 in Chiavari, Italy, Belief & Betrayal has already been released in native Italian in 2007 to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The game has since undergone…

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I have to agree with you sdf. It really doesn't deserve a 5/5 rating. I started playing the game yesterday and though the story seems to be pretty ok (though very cliché) so far, I'm somewhat annoyed by the interface.
One of the first puzzles require you to put a sequence of numbers in order to open a small container. You can't just use or look at the container in order to open it though. First you have to get the clue to the sequence (which is logical), then you have to pick the clue from a list of the clues you've gathered and then use it on the container (a procedure which to me is both unnecessary and annoying).

Sweden By Stryker • On 23 May 2009 • From Sweden

Very Good

HI from Italy!
The name's Bruno and I'm playing tha game right now.
Obviously I'm very proud of an Italian game :)
But if I could I would have give the game 4 stars and not 5 or at least 3 and a half.
I'm just honest... too much bugs (sorry artematica) and some poor scenarios (too few objects to interact with).
But I am very enjoying the game. Very very challenging!

See you!
Cheers from Italy! :)


Italy By bruno • On 06 September 2008 • From Padova, Italy

Clearly it's your undebatable right to disagree with the opinions presented in a review or criticize the quality of the writing. I'm only against likening "generally hailed" to objectively good and "generally panned" to objectively bad. Reviewers should not avoid going against common trends with their evaluations. There's nothing ridiculous about it.

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 02 August 2008 • From Poland

Yes, it would be boring with standarized views, which by the way is exactly what this review is trying to give us. The main part is a summary of contents and intrigue, then descriptions of values of production which when it comes to voicework, dialogue and figureanimation simply is far from excellent. One look at the protagonistrenderings of the screenshots is enough.

Sweden By sdf • On 02 August 2008 • From sweden

Sdf, I don't think reviews are meant to reflect general opinions. Wouldn't it be boring if all just presented standarized views?

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 01 August 2008 • From Poland


I've tried to play this game. If five out of five stars means anything it suggests that B&B;ranks up among titles as Dreamfall, Phoenix Wright or Syberia to mention fairly recent games that's been generally hailed. That is and I have to be straightforward with this - ridiculous.

Sweden By sdf • On 01 August 2008 • From Somewhere