Posted by Samuel Lawson.
First posted on 15 November 2009. Last updated on 17 July 2010.
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Whenever the debate arises on the varieties of sterling quality adventure games from the late 1980s and early 1990s, what immediately comes to mind are Sierra's Quest series, LucasArts' Monkey Island games, and Infocom's Zork interactive fiction titles. Unfortunately, adventure games from Cryo have never enjoyed the same fan following shared by more popular titles from these other companies.…

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Played this espionage game on Amiga 500 and it gave me a plenty hours of fun. Not a breathtaking AAA title, but still a good game with an interesting engine and story.

Germany By markegiani • On 08 February 2015 • From Novi Sad, Serbia


Having played and enjoyed every adventure style from the Lucas Arts games to the old school text adventures, this is still my favourite game to date. The control system is novel & allows much more intelligence & versatility (would love to see a game-creation kit in this style). The game is difficult but is generally logical, a sharp contrast to hunt-the-pixel or obtuse use-obscure-object-on-on-another-object puzzles. Story is excellent, characters are intriguing and have personality, and you really have to think hard to succeed. It really draws you into its world, a serious story, historically informative and a real classic in every sense.

Great Britain (UK) By smartgenes • On 13 May 2010 • From Somewhere