The rise and fall of Full Throttle: a conversation with Bill Tiller

Posted by Marshall Ratliff, Philip Jong.
First posted on 26 August 2008. Last updated on 06 April 2012.
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Playing Full Throttle is like tasting a rich bowl of roadhouse chili filled to the rim with biker gangs, chick mechanics (covered in engine grease too), and truckers with badass tattoos. An action packed, comical (albeit short), animated graphical adventure set in the backdrop of an apocalyptic future, Full Throttle touches on the subculture of motorcycle gangs and their steel horses. It is also…

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Previous Comments

Very Good

I played in 98 and loved every minute of it.
It seems that Hell on Wheels was a big load of crap, and I'm happy it didn't made it, but the sequel carried by Bill could have been marvelous.
Well, at least we have these amazing art work from Bill. Lovely!

United States By Isac • On 19 March 2012 • From São Paulo, Brasil

wish Tim was given another shot at it.

oh well....

Psychonaut's is a must play... btw

United States By marshall • On 18 July 2010 • From Somewhere


Very good article.
I'm a huge fan of ALLs graphic adventure of LucasArts.
Like many others, i really wait a second part.

I was really good to see, as example, to Guybrush back in action last year.

Argentina By Andres • On 15 January 2010 • From Argentina


Bill don´t give up!!!!! FT was something so complete! I only hope that the next version of the game (if is there anyone) , don´t get the ilusiions down of all the fans!


United States By lucas • On 14 July 2009 • From argentina, bs as.


Good article. I grew up with these point and click adventures. While I wouldn't want to see a bad remake tarnish the series reputation, I would LOVE to see a good remake! Even when I was a teenager in 2003, I remember reading the news that FT2 was cancelled. Damn near broke my heart.

New Zealand (Aotearoa) By Michael • On 11 April 2009 • From Auckland, New Zealand

Very Good

Great article. I may be one of the few who actually rated MI4 and I for one would have loved to see an FT game on the PS2, especially if Tim Schafer would have had something to do with it. I guess we got Psychonauts instead tho, so no complaining. Kudos to the boys at Scummvm for preserving the original.

Denmark By Mark W • On 04 February 2009 • From Denmark


Those were some fun times! Looking at what has become of games from that time making a new Full Throttle would be great imo. Look at Wolfenstein then and RTCW now. Look at Warcraft then and World of Warcraft now. Marathon then and Halo now (I don't care what ppl say, Halo is Marathon on steroids imo). I have Dragonslayer and to me FH was the first game similar to Dragonslayer which I loved because of the animation.

United States By Mighty Design Studio • On 07 January 2009 • From Los Angeles, USA


This game would be great fun using the wii controllers to play....


United States By cavfeish • On 29 September 2008 • From Somewhere

great feature!..

this game was awsome!

United States By cavefish • On 29 September 2008 • From Somewhere


I also hope Lucas Arts will wake up one day and still will make a second game of Full Throttle. There are lots of ppl that still like to see that happen. I played the game like a thousand time's. Liked every thing about it, the music, animations, voices, puzzles ect..

Or starting to make an other fantastic adventure game, that was were they where best in.
Not only the Starwars games, that will come to an ending sooner or later because the whole saga is complete now.
They realy need to invest a lot more in adventure games again..
It would make a lot of ppl much happier!

Netherlands By IG666 • On 09 September 2008 • From The Netherlands
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