The rise and fall of Full Throttle: a conversation with Bill Tiller

Posted by Marshall Ratliff, Philip Jong.
First posted on 26 August 2008. Last updated on 06 April 2012.
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Playing Full Throttle is like tasting a rich bowl of roadhouse chili filled to the rim with biker gangs, chick mechanics (covered in engine grease too), and truckers with badass tattoos. An action packed, comical (albeit short), animated graphical adventure set in the backdrop of an apocalyptic future, Full Throttle touches on the subculture of motorcycle gangs and their steel horses. It is also…

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Sigh.. I loved The Dig, I enjoyed The Day of the Tentacle.. however Full Throttle was pure obsession.

I will never be able to listen to Wagner's Cry of the Valkyrie without forever imagining hordes of wind-up bunny rabbits. Almost 20 years later and I I'm still waiting for a sequel to this fantastic and rich story. Wake up LucasArts.. 'Get your Ride On' and bring back the Pole Cats!

United States By Maxxofor • On 28 August 2008 • From New Jersey, USA

"motorcycle gangs and their *steal* horses"

Nice although clumsy innuendo.
But is it a good idea to piss off bikers?

Finland By yeah • On 28 August 2008 • From Somewhere

Cowherd: Full Throttle 1 ??!! There is no game with such title. One star for your comment, sir.

Poland By Ascovel • On 28 August 2008 • From Poland


Bloody hell! Did you even play Full Throttle 1?? Your article reads like that of someone who heard about the game from a friend or a magazine!

Cave Fish space aliens?!! WTF??!
And the Vultures were not a 'female biker gang'; If anything they were the high-tech ones (In the game, you have to nick the booster off one of them and use that and a load of oother stuff to jump a big-ass gorge). They had two women and that makes them a 'female biker gang'?!


TBH 'tho,the way the sequel was shaping up, I'm kinda glad it died. The feeling I got from them previews (I still have the Hell on Wheels trailer somewhere) was that LEC had totally lost the plot of what made FT1 a good game. The original Full Throttle had a cool heavy metal vibe; The sequel felt more like cheesy Manowar.

The sequel that did have potential was Sam and Max 2; That felt like it would have been another classic, but alas it got canned and we ended up with the DRM'd travesty that Telltale made, where the only thing more wooden than the characters is the jokes. :(
No, this is a bit unfair as I have not played the more recent episodes, which are apparently much better, but the DRM stops me playing them and I refuse to pirate/crack the game.

Great Britain (UK) By Autonymous Cowherd • On 28 August 2008 • From Cowland


I LOVED the first Full Throttle. The music, the art style, the story and character names. It was all perfect. I got my hopes up twice for a sequel and twice they have been shattered. I wish there was a way to get Lucas Arts to see they NEED to make another game in this series.

Great Article!

Sean, from FBR

United States By • On 28 August 2008 • From New Church, VA

Very Good

I can see Full Throttle being revised as a GTA-like experience, with a large, open-ended game world, biker gangs vying for territory, mini-games and missions galore, all tied together with a compelling plot.

United States By Mark Stevens • On 28 August 2008 • From Somewhere

Very Good

A large corporation refusing to create a video game about how large corporations are evil..... surprise, surprise...

Canada By Quitlam • On 27 August 2008 • From Someplaceville


Time to move on...

Full throttle, grim fandango, sam and max, monkey island, tentacles... all have to GO...

Great titles!!!! But they´re history. New stories must come.

The past is the past. Let another good captivating characters to come. No more rewinds please.

Would you like Devil May Cry 15 (same as ever)?
Metal Gear 10 (snake ghost???)... they must rest as every single person that had its time.


Brazil By Eugenio Hertz • On 27 August 2008 • From Campina Grande, Brazil


Why leave the Adventure genre? We really miss a new FT, a new Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, etc.

Brazil By André K. • On 27 August 2008 • From Curitiba, Brasil

Very Good

Great article - I loved FT when it was released. I was more than slightly annoyed at the present tense tone of the initial game review that you used in the article. It made me angry it wasn't coming out again (although I am completely over reticule controls) and also (to me) came off as pretty arrogant. Any chance of making it all past tense (and I do feel pretty arrogant myself for saying that - it just came off pretty wrong to me).


United States By snoober • On 27 August 2008 • From Somewhere
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