Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder

Posted by Joseph Howse.
First posted on 07 December 2007. Last updated on 11 July 2010.
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Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder marks the first of an adventure game trilogy released by Zoetrope Interactive in which the developer attempts to crossbreed Lovecraftian horror with modern British police drama. Although the concept sounds interesting, the execution in this game is sadly disappointing. The scattered plot defies description: a convoluted paranormal story related to some…

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Previous Comments

Very Good

this game is underrated. i think mainly due to bad marketing. this is not an survival horror game but story and atmosphere amazing. i can feel genius loci;))

United States By George • On 06 October 2013 • From Ankara

Very Good

Great game! Loved every minute of it. Some of the rooms are indeed very dark, but it helps to build up this constant feeling of uneasiness. Can't wait to play Darkness Within 2.

Belgium By Candy • On 19 July 2011 • From Belgium

Very Good

hello there!
can anybody tell me how to get the original sound track of this game?
thank you

Syria By joseph • On 10 October 2008 • From damascus,syria

Very Good

a good game..
makes me frightened really

Syria By joseph • On 10 October 2008 • From damascus,syria

Very Good

Hello,i need a big help, please. I´m playing DARKNESS WITHIN, but i can´t open the organizer. Somebody knows the code?
Thank You.

Argentina By Cristian • On 29 December 2007 • From Buenos Aires, Argentina


Good game. I like its atmosphere and story.

Ukraine By Alexey • On 15 December 2007 • From Kiev, Ukraine


Wow! This game looks genuinely awful. Is it safe to say that the darkness is a cover up for poor graphics and animation? I can understand a few dark areas in a game, but this sounds truly dreadful.

It's funny that I just finished reading a collection of Lovecraft's stories--I hadn't read him before, though of course knew of his style. I was thinking that many of his stories and themes would make great fodder for adventure games, but apparently it's not that easy to get right.

Looks like most of the latest adventures are pretty disappointing. Any stars on the horizon, I wonder?

United States By Matt Barton • On 14 December 2007 • From St Cloud, MN