Out Of This World

Posted by Tom Lenting.
First posted on 30 March 2008. Last updated on 10 August 2009.
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Out Of This World was a game originally released by French developer Delphine Software under the name Another World. The title was changed to avoid confusion with an unrelated American television soap opera that bore the same name. Originally developed for the PC, the game was also widely ported to multiple other platforms. The original version of Out Of This World was released for DOS in 1991,…

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Hi, sorry I didn't know how to post my request so I posted here, I just want ( the secrets of Davinci, the forbidden manuscript ), I have the original two cds, but te main data file ( cmn_hig.bf ) in the two cds, or in the second one is corrupted, so please can anyone give me a free link to download it, and thanks to every one in this beautiful forums..

United States By domozo • On 19 June 2015 • From syria


Played it when I was a little kid. The graphic was very good and the game was also frigthening at some point. Today I remembered that game randomly for no reason and search some info about it.

To remember something after like 20 years, it has to be special someway!

Italy By Massazimuth • On 10 June 2015 • From Treviso, Italy


The best intro movie EVER !!!! I remember playing it over and over again and listening the music of introduction movie.
Beautiful animation and punishing difficulty with excellent story makes Another world the best arcade adventure on Amiga 500.

Germany By markegiani • On 08 February 2015 • From Novi Sad, Serbia


This is mistake in the description of this game.

This game originally was made on Amiga 500 computer, and later ported to PC! It has not PC origin, but the Amiga itself! :)

Poland By Robreski • On 03 April 2013 • From Poland


a game that made a huge impact on me to this day. Amazing storytelling - way ahead of it's time. Another World was made with love.

Canada By Peter • On 03 June 2008 • From Vancouver, Canada


That's like saying that the Bible goes unnoticed by many.

Poland By Ascovel • On 31 May 2008 • From Warsaw, Poland


A great game, that sadly goes unnoticed by many.

United States By denver • On 31 May 2008 • From windsor,co, usa


I'm glad this game is getting more and more attention nowadays. It's a landmark in game storytelling, showing that presentation ought to take a back seat to the power of the graphics engine.

Just one small factual error in your review; the original release of the game was for the Amiga, then ported to the Atari ST, before Chahi created the MS-DOS version in response to criticisms about the lifespan of the game. The version we know today (the MS-DOS and console versions) actually are longer than the Amiga / Atari ST versions. A level or two was added.

United States By Mike Mann • On 03 April 2008 • From Manchester, NH