Dead Reefs

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 18 July 2007. Last updated on 17 July 2010.
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Dead Reefs is a mixed first-person and third-person adventure game from the small Canadian game studio Streko-Graphics, best known as the developer of the Aura series. Released with little fanfare, Dead Reefs is a classic horror adventure with surprisingly decent production values. However, the game is also plagued by a non-intuitive control system that can frustrate gamers who are more…

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Overall I enjoyed this game. Positives - atmosphere, story, graphics and voice overs. Negatives - found the controls awkward and inconsistent for actions and inventory. Word of warning - the in game clues for the final rune puzzle were wrong and I needed to use a walkthrough to complete it.

Great Britain (UK) By groundhog • On 26 June 2014 • From United Kingdom

Very Good

A very good game, the controls are fine after playing for a while you learn how to use them. Not excellent because of a bug in the clock puzzle, I was not able to go pass that puzzle and can not find a patch for it. Found a saved game but cannot install it properly to finish the game.

Canada By Denis Giroux • On 28 July 2011 • From Arundel Qc Canada


It's true. The controls are difficult to handle, but after a while you get used to them. I liked the game anyway. The story isn't bad and it takes you back in time for almost 300 years. That's what makes the game
worthwile for me.

Belgium By Candy • On 30 June 2009 • From Belgium


This is not a point-and-click game. This is a keyboard control game and it sucks. This game could have been good if not for the terrible keyboard control system. Avoid this game unless you have cash to waste.

Canada By Rich • On 07 May 2008 • From Pineview


i really hate this kind of control-system, but i had no serious problems with Dead Reefs. by the way it is strongly recommend to save always before puzzle-solving. i have found bugs , but a re-load always help me.
the game should be more better. but it worth a play.

Hungary By bakou • On 18 November 2007 • From Hungary

I find it a little baffling that a game with "horrendous control system" get the final verdict very good. That somehow implies that the game apart from this is excellent in nearly all other aspects. The review does not indicate this however.

Sweden By sdf • On 18 July 2007 • From Somewhere