Heart of China

Posted by Ronny Zuschke.
First posted on 19 February 2008. Last updated on 10 August 2009.
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Following the success of Rise of the Dragon, arguably Dynamix's best known adventure game to date, Heart of China is the second adventure game title released shortly after by the developer. The game also represents the continuing effort by lead designer Jeff Tunnell to move onto a new direction to develop games that create a cinematic experience. Technically, Heart of China uses the same game…

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I remember playing this game back when it was released. No adventure game has come close in terms of graphics and ambientation, you truly felt you were there inside the story. Of course we'll never see something like this again, ever. Kids have computers now and adults are 'infantilized', so every game has to look like a toy. And everyone's an ADHD-affected sissy who can't be bothered to play a game in which you can run into a dead end or which is moderately difficult to win and doesn't provide immediate rewards every few seconds. Mediocrity wins.

Spain By Al • On 14 December 2012 • From Somewhere


How can i get this game on my vista or windows 98 computer, i have loved the game when i had the dos system, but now i would like to see it on a cd/dvd.
i would like to see this being updated so we can play it on our newer computers.
Cecile Saenz.

United States By Cecile Saenz • On 15 June 2010 • From Bend OR