The Watchmaker

Posted by Davide Tomei.
First posted on 01 January 2007. Last updated on 09 August 2009.
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Trecision is a well known Italian software developer specializing in adventure games since 1991. The Watchmaker, freely inspired by a novel from Jules Verne, is the company's best known game title and, without a doubt, masterpiece. Originally released in 2001 in Europe only, The Watchmaker is a game that truly deserves more success than it has achieved commercially. Sadly, adventure fans will…

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Truly, I've overrated the game, back in the day!

Italy By Davide • On 09 November 2012 • From Somewhere


I severely disagree with this review and its rating. I would argue this is one of the worst games ever made.

The game has some of the most bland story, narration, graphics and game interface ever. It is quite simply a shamebles of a game. The only way one could enjoy this is one who has not played many other games, adventure or not.

To give this game 4/5 on every angle is a joke. I'm sorry to say it so abruptly but it's true.

Europe By Stefan L • On 04 April 2007 • From England