NiBiRu: Age of Secrets

Posted by Matt Barton.
First posted on 24 November 2006. Last updated on 10 November 2009.
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NiBiRu: Age of Secrets is a point-and-click adventure in the style of The Longest Journey or Syberia series. It features an eclectic story filled with Nazis, ancient Mayans, and space aliens. While an earlier incarnation of the game has already been released as Posel Bohu back in 1998, developer Future Games has now translated the original Czech game to English and updated the graphics to modern…

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Very Good

A very nice and entertaining game with easily solvable puzzles. It's a shame about the ending though, very anti-climatic, indeed. I'll have to say I felt it was a bit on the short side, too.
The way the game ends begs for a sequel but, sadly and unfortunately, after 10 years, that is not likely at all.
The only awful things I can point out are the extreme linearity of the game and the cringeworthy voice acting, especially that of the main villain.

In short, it's a very nice little adventure game, but I was left feeling it could have been so much, much better.

France By Joana Teixeira • On 26 November 2014 • From Portugal

Very Good

Can't get past the lobby after getting off elevator in barbora's lobby.there is no cursor showing and cannot get anything on that scene.Any help is appreciated as I have replayed the apartment scene over and over again using the walkthru.

United States By Captna • On 28 August 2012 • From Cumming, USA



United States By M-ah • On 30 December 2009 • From USA


can somebody help me?
After i escaped from Barboras apartment my computer froze right when i got out of the elevator in the lobby. Ive tryed it about two times and it still freeZes at the exact time. My computer is not broken, because i got it about a week ago brand new.

United States By Holly • On 23 July 2009 • From phoenix, Az


There may be wonderful stuff in this game but I'm never going to see it because whenever I try to start the game it freezes my system forcing me to do a hard reboot. I'll have to give it 0/100 because that's the percentage of the game I've seen - 0%.

I'm using XP Pro and my system specs exceed the requirements. My PC is well-maintained and there's nothing articularly exotic about it.

Note to developers: Please adequately test your games to eliminate major bugs before release.

Australia By Trooobador • On 01 July 2009 • From Brisbane, Australia

Very Good

I am having a problem with him picking up the key from the grate. He is in the labortory & he is suppose to bend down & put the string w/ magnet down the grate to retrieve the key. It just isn't happening. Any suggestions?

United States By Wanda • On 21 January 2009 • From Brooklyn, NY


I've just playing Nibiru and I'm in the attic in Barbora's appartment. I'm trying to break the window and it just won't work. I've got the rag in my inventory, I've looked up walkthroughs for help and am doing what I'm being told, but nothing happens. Is it a bug? Am I missing something?? I started the game over again to see if it would work, but no go.

Thanks for any help!

Canada By JenniferD • On 13 January 2009 • From Canada

Hey people when i start the game i get only the sound of the game?Does anyone can help me?Pls!

Italy By Luben • On 05 January 2009 • From Bulgaria


Matt Barton has to be kidding. He gave a 2 stars to Nibiru. Now Matt Barton is not doing gamers a favor. There are thousands out there who love this game. For those who have not heard of Nibiru, they may not play this game after seeing a 2 star review from Matt Barton. These gamers are cheated as Matt Barton has chosen to mislead gamers into thinking this is a 2 star game. Nibiru is one of the best adventure games and play it to find out yourself.

Why didn't Matt Barton like the game? The reason is Matt Barton does not like third person view games, meeting numerous characters with lots of dialogue, challenging puzzles, multi-locations puzzles. Let's see what Matt Barton likes:

5 stars Excellent
This is a first person view game. Solitary and dark. Go to Amazon and read the reviews and you see this game sucks. Matt Barton on the other hand likes this game and gave 5 stars.

The Experiment
3 stars Good
Another solitary and dark game. How much fun when all you do is wander in a ship. Matt Barton likes the solitary game.

Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
5 stars Excellent
First person view game. Has silly puzzles and yet Matt Barton does not complain. His bias on Nibiru cause him to complain about the ketchup in Nibiru.

Dark Fall: Lights Out
4 stars Very Good
This confirms that Matt Barton likes first person view, solitary and dark games. He thinks this game is very good.

In conclusion, Matt Barton should stay away from games like Nibiru. His negative review is misleading gamers and denying them the pleasure of playing games like Nibiru.

Canada By Boomer • On 12 May 2008 • From Canada

Sandy, You can download a save file to bypass this marble puzzle.

Adventure Classic Gaming however does not allow the posting of links so I am unable to post the link here.

The save file for this marble puzzle is from the site mysterymanor. Google these keywords "mysterymanor nibiru" and you will find a topic of someone having the same problem. This topic has the link to the save file.

Have fun.

Canada By Mission • On 12 May 2008 • From Canada
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