Dark Fall: Lights Out

Posted by Matt Barton.
First posted on 19 June 2006. Last updated on 24 January 2010.
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In 2003, The Adventure Company released the critically-acclaimed Dark Fall: The Journal, an one-man project by UK developer Jonathan Boakes. The original game in the series played like a creepier Myst. Whereas Myst's lavishly detailed but lonely landscapes inspire a Zen rock garden—Dark Fall's emptiness feels more like a nightmare set in a spook shack. A solid mix of clever puzzles, intriguing…

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Very Good

where to get instructions on playing this game.

Croatia (Hrvatska) By Valentina • On 19 February 2009 • From Pula,Croatia


this is a very hard game but good i cannot figure out what to do next though all the hints say is go to the kitchen after the lighthouse museum and i cannot get to my boat i dont no where it is

United States By hope • On 15 November 2006 • From staunton, united states

I am wondering if anyone can tell me where to get instructions on playing this game. Thanks

United States By Angie • On 05 November 2006 • From Somewhere

Very Good

An entertaning, original and detailed adventure setting to explore, but there weren't enough puzzles, narrative twists or scary sequences. Lights Out is a worthy follow-up to 2002's Dark Fall, and I look forward to the new games being produced by the one-man development team.

Great Britain (UK) By Ken Loach • On 07 October 2006 • From Edinburgh


The game is okay, however it's rather short and the puzzles are way to easy. There is too much information which you don't use for the puzzles. so if you are interested in a lot of reading instead of a lot of thinking then this is your game... The whole game has an atmosphere which is very creepy. Unfortunatly it doens't live up to the first dark fall.
Nice try though...

Netherlands By Ad • On 27 July 2006 • From Alkmaar