Dean Erickson

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 01 August 2006. Last updated on 05 September 2009.
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Fans of Gabriel Knight should instantly recognize Dean Erickson, for he is the actor who portrays the lead role of Gabriel Knight in second game of the famed series, The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery. Erickson has accumulated several television credits before joining the cast for the game at Sierra On-Line. He has also had many colorful careers outside of acting and is now working as a…

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Previous Comments

Very Good

I wonder if Dean will consider getting a Twitter account so he can do some tweeting for his fans.

Canada By Jason • On 21 July 2010 • From Ajax, ON, Canada


Ok that was just too cool finding this on the web. GK4, FMV, with Dean. I'll fork over another 60-70 for it easy.

United States By Ryan • On 18 March 2009 • From Tulsa, OK


And he still beat Orlando Bloom in "Acting An Adventure-Game Typical Hero Chart"!

Sierra On-line 1 - LucasArts 0 :-)

Italy By Jegriva • On 06 July 2008 • From Italy


Excellent interview. Seeing an old friend after years is so fantastic. I think Gabriel series is one of the beast advanture games ever made. By the way, does he have a facebook account?

Turkey By Ali Yuce • On 27 June 2008 • From Turkey

Very Good

Very interesting interview, but one question remains unanswered. Is Dean the Dream still looking for a jumpshot after all these years?

United States By Vic McGrady • On 14 January 2008 • From Madison, CT, USA


Herr Doktor Klingmann here.
Show our wolves to Mr. Knight (?)

Israel By Herr Doktor Klingmann (Here) • On 30 December 2007 • From Munich, Germany


Excellent interview! I loved this game, and Mr. Erickson's portrayal of Gabriel Knight is a big reason for that. I haven't played it in a few years but I always think about it from time to time, especially when I come across elements from the game in real life, like cuckoo clocks and german sausage. I really wish they would expand upon this character in more games or books or movies.

United States By Caroline • On 23 April 2007 • From Somewhere


Great Interview! What about the Will Binder-Interview that is mentioned in the "related articles"-section? It seems, it´s not online, yet. Anything to come?

United States By basti007 • On 01 January 2007 • From germany


I think Dean did a wonerful jod as G. Night. I really think he should do another game as G. Night. Thanks Dean for making that game stand out in my mind.

United States By Wendy • On 12 December 2006 • From Muscatine


Nice to hear from Dean Erickson who did a fantastic job as Gabriel Knight in the second part of the series. I have played this game few times through and it is just amazing. It has got great acting, story, music and places. This game has gotten to my mind: various images from different events of the game, the music haunts me sometimes.. I actually feel this is like a movie that I can experience over and over again without losing interest, unlike other games lose interest after playing once through. I can't wait to play it again after I have read the Sins of the Fathers book.. Absolutely the best adventure game! Dean did a great job and if it will happen that he acts in some production, I would look to that with great interest. You were cool as Gabriel Knight!

Finland By Anaconda • On 09 November 2006 • From Helsinki, Finland
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