Ken Williams

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 28 March 2006. Last updated on 26 July 2006.
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Any gamer familiar with the history of computer games should know of Ken Williams, for Williams was among the pioneers that launched the personal computer game industry. Born in 1954, he founded On-Line Systems, which later became Sierra On-Line, at only age 25. Over the next decades, his company dominated the computer game industry and became the most successful game developer and publisher in…

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Jim (The Gang) - u said it all! I believe that too and Ken and Roberta have been my inspiration and part of my outlet for 20+ years now. Since I stumbled upon my 1st ever 'adventure' game (to me Adventure is getting out there and doing the things you really want to, even though I understand what Ken said about not calling a game an adventure game - specially in todays game industry!!! Grrrrrrr) and the 1st game I played was a Leisure Suit Larry game at age 7 (who cares about my age! I made it thru to my late 20's without being adversly affected by its adult rating!!!). Ever since Larry, I was hooked specially when I snuck into Daddy's private file of games he had bought a few years back when I was only a toddler lol. I loaded them up and instantly was WOW!!!!!! Hooked on it, got kings quest and all other games whenever I got pocketmoney, or had a b'day and xmas. These games for many of my childhood and teen years were my outlets, I hated being social and preferred the comfort of my bedroom and the games where I could interact with things and people and solve problems. I still am not that social but yes more social today, but I am ever so grateful to Ken, Roberta and their team for making these games (I infact did learn much much more from these games than I ever learnt in school - and from what I learnt from the games, I passed on to other students in primary school). Now I am making my 1st ever 'adventure role play' game based on my imagination thats quite odd in a good way and bases on life experiences and fantasies. Cant describe it now, much rather not! But will share with you all once the game is finished being made and released. Yes its only me, artist, from home, making a game and hopefully many more to come. Thank you Ken and Roberta, my life long inspirations!!!!! :)

Australia By Snail • On 06 October 2006 • From Adelaide, Australia

Very Good

Ken founded an industry not just a company. While he may hesitate to even consider himself such a figure in what really amounts to American and world history. It has to be recognized that without the efforts of Ken and Roberta, the world of gaming would not be the same. Even residual effects of their work carries on. Like for instance Yserbius Org, even as we speak a development of Yserbius II 3D is underway. All around the internet there are points of light that point their way back to Ken. Job well done Ken, play hard you earned it.

United States By Brad • On 08 August 2006 • From Somewhere


Ken is a very quiet and aloof individual with many pursuits these days. Currently building his own 3 million dollar plus Trawler for a Pacific Ocean crossing. One rarely hears much from him unless you want to talk boats. No longer interested in being a founder in the software industry Ken wants now to be recognized in other areas Boats being one, Publish Author being another. Worth millions, one would never know from talking to Ken as he is very easy to communicate with and not stuck up or out there as so many self made millionaires are. While Roberta was the driving force behind the design phase of all these games. Ken was the driving force behind getting these ideas from the brain to your PC. Ken and Roberta spend most of their time in Mexico these days at their home there, where Ken spends most of his days working with his boat builders and checking his emails. These two worked hard to get where they are and deserve all the best. Good luck Ken and Roberta in all your future endeavors be they boats or whatever...... The Gang

United States By Jim • On 18 July 2006 • From USA