Virtual Murder 1: Who Killed Sam Rupert

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 17 October 1997. Last updated on 07 September 2009.
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The Virtual Murder series is an effort by Creative Multimedia to translate a passive experience of reading a murder mystery to an active multimedia gaming experience. This evolution appears logical and sets a trend for other developers soon to follow. The first title of the series, Virtual Murder 1: Who Killed Sam Rupert, gives the player an opportunity to become an armchair detective.

You are…

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Previous Comments

I totally agree with you. what suppose to be 6 hours, seems more like 30min, before your time is up. I have the game and played over and over, I thought it had more levels, different murder, or something different. I was highly disappointed. I like your review, it was fair.

By Kades • On 06 July 2002 • From chicago, IL

I have downloaded Sam Rupert but I can not get it to open. When I downloaded it did not give me any instructions it just sad downloaded successfully. I have opened the suport file and all the files don't know what to open with when I click on Quick Time Player I see a few movies files but that is it. Can anyone help me?

Thank You

By Cheryl • On 17 July 2001 • From USA