Posted by David Tanguay.
First posted on 15 October 1997. Last updated on 13 August 2009.
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Discworld represents an unique effort to bring the work of fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett onto the computer screen. The game is based on the magical Discworld universe created by Pratchett from which a multitude of paperback novels have been published. With the capability of multimedia CD-ROM technology, the beautiful cartoon look of Discworld is brought to life and enhanced by an impressive…

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this is the best game in the whole world i love it!

Great Britain (UK) By adam mear • On 07 October 2006 • From maidenhead


United States By kelly rose • On 05 July 2004 • From oceana,west virginia

Where can I buy the first two discworld games on CD rom?

By Paul Porter • On 31 January 2001 • From Somewhere

I think Discworld is the most original, funny and testing game i've ever played. Unfortunately, my brother sold my copy, and i've been trying to get a copy for my PC forever.If you could tell me how and where i can get a copy, i'd really appreciate it. And I don't mind ordering it from abroad. Any help would be great, thanks.
Adam Lawrenson

By Adam Lawrenson • On 09 November 2000 • From England

I'm looking for infomation on how to play "Disc world". My Sister, who told me about the game, had printed out infomation that helped her though out the game. I was wondering were and how I can get that same infomation. Thanks Jenife

By Jenife • On 30 November 1999 • From Alabama
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