Posted by David Tanguay.
First posted on 15 October 1997. Last updated on 13 August 2009.
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Discworld represents an unique effort to bring the work of fantasy novelist Terry Pratchett onto the computer screen. The game is based on the magical Discworld universe created by Pratchett from which a multitude of paperback novels have been published. With the capability of multimedia CD-ROM technology, the beautiful cartoon look of Discworld is brought to life and enhanced by an impressive…

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Childhood love!

Sweden By Crazylegs • On 05 September 2009 • From Stockholm Sweden

Very Good

dose any one know any cheats for discworld

Great Britain (UK) By mandy smith • On 27 July 2008 • From leicester


does anyone know how to defeat the dragon at the end something to do with firecrackers? idk but it didnt work for me :(

United States By adam mear • On 11 January 2008 • From maidenhead


i got mine from the charity shop for £1 sorry for rubbing it in
i got discworld 2 for £7 in game on ps1
still best game ever i love adventure games

United States By adam mear (again) • On 11 January 2008 • From maidenhead

Very Good

Legendary game, yes. Legendary for being hard too. You can't beat the humour in this game that's for sure. Discworld Noir remains possibly my favourite adventure ever.

It's not hard to buy a CD rom version from ebay. Prices differ so unless you're desperate for the game I'd say keep an eye on it until you see a copy not fetching for too much. I got a CD rom version, boxed, manual, etc mint for about £25 including postage. And that's how much it would cost at the high end.

You could get for as little as £15, which is a bargain.

Europe By Stefan L • On 04 November 2007 • From Exeter, England


One of the most legendary and intricate games of it's genre, far beyond it's time, and a true epic in terms of playability. I'm playing it through as we speak, for the second time, and it has me stumped for the second time, it would seem! No matter, it's quite unbearably fun, truly humorous as well as taxing.

Great Britain (UK) By Brach • On 01 November 2007 • From Barnsley, England

Very Good

So I played the game, fairly good yes. Apart from a couple of bugs and weird solutions it was very enjoyable. The butterflies almost drove me crazy. And hey people, remember to save all the time, cause the bugs keep killing the program.
Still, I really recommend the game to everyone. Looking forward to play discworl2 and noir!

Finland By Ruster • On 16 July 2007 • From Finland


oh i love this game to death it sucks my dog got to it. i wish i could get another one. LOL. oh well.

United States By Danny Jackson • On 15 July 2007 • From Somewhere


There are no dead ends, but the game is still very difficult.

Poland By Scovel • On 17 May 2007 • From Poland

Errr, the review didn't exactly say this, so I was wondering, are there dead ends in the game? Like, you didn't do something in place A and now in place B you'd need it but can't return to A and the only thing to do is to load a saved game?
I'd appreciate if someone told me, personally I don't think such a game is very enjoyable and DISCWORLD seems otherwise very interesting and adventurous :)

Finland By Ruster • On 17 May 2007 • From Finland
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