Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

Posted by Zack Howe.
First posted on 20 March 2000. Last updated on 07 September 2009.
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In 1981, a new cinematic movie appears on the silver screen. The movie is called Raiders of the Lost Ark and the hero's name in the movie is Indiana Jones. This movie and its sequels have all enjoyed huge box-office success. Since that time, Indiana Jones has been among the most famous heroes in movie history.

Indiana, or Indy as known to his friends, is an archaeologist and an adventurer. He…

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Very Good

I have the level 15 problem as well, you climb down into the pit at the start of the level but from there you can't climb/jump up into the doorway which leads into the room where the robots are. could somebody please e-mail me a savegame from just past this point?

New Zealand (Aotearoa) By Raahhhh • On 13 March 2007 • From Wellington, New Zealand


I wonder what it has to do with the adventure genre at all...

Perhaps it is my problem, but i tried to play Tomb Raider, and got bored after an hour or 2. With this one, i got bored within 20 minutes, and never came back to even thinking about it.

It's not like a had a general problem with an action genre, i played Duke Nukem 3D, Half-Life and MGS2 a lot.

Germany By Ilya Minkov • On 28 January 2007 • From München, Germany



Mexico By Dante Escamilla Alcàntara • On 04 January 2007 • From D.F


PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME, im on level 15, iv gone down the ladder but i cant get up the step the large room guarded by the two robots. Is there a way or is my game stuffed

Australia By cam • On 05 December 2006 • From Somewhere


I have played this game once before, though I lost it back when I had 95/98 version of windows. Now I have XP version. The demo works fine, but i'm wondering if it will work on my computer. Also, if anyone has any idea where I can buy the full version offline, that would be great. Thanks.

United States By Evan • On 23 November 2006 • From Austin, Texas, United States


Hi.I am stuck on the shambala level where you have to pull all the levers and it opens the gate but,when i do this it still stays the same.could someone please help me.I have lokked on other sites but they were useless.Thanks.

Ireland By Harry canning • On 15 November 2006 • From Ireland


Nothing To Say

Bangladesh By Amy • On 27 September 2006 • From Bangladesh

I'm in the 16th level, and i can't kill the second marduk encarnation. Can you help me?

Colombia By Juan Bernardo • On 20 August 2005 • From Cali, Colombia

i need arqs. disk2.gob

tank you

Brazil By cle, jose carlos • On 06 April 2005 • From sao paulo - brazil

I think Infernal Machine was closer to the original films, which were action based, but I was seriously disappointed by the game. I'm not interested in the "Wolfenstein" genre of games, and I think there was much more that could be done with the Indy franchise.

I can't imagine a simgle adventure afficiaonado who would be impressed by collecting jewels. JEWELS!!!

That was passe so long ago. It comes from a time when the game writers could not think of something useful to put in the game that you would need to use. Jewels are (generally) useless.

At least one earlier Indy game was released in two completely different formats based upon the same ideas, an action game and an adventure. I think that was an excellent idea (except that I mistakenly bought the adventure game, but that was my fault). Mixing action and adventure will only appeal to the action junkies, but they would get bored if the adventuring got too intense (i.e. difficult). It will never appeal to the adventure aficionados, that is why there are different genres.

Internal machine is fairly and squarely an action game, and should have been advertised as such. That would have spared me (and I suspect many others) from wasting our money.

Fate of Atlantis remains my all-time favourite adventure, despite the now dated graphics, with Zak McKracken coming close. Those were ground breaking games, not rehashes of someone-else's ideas.

Great Britain (UK) By Terry Longhurst • On 28 December 2004 • From Stockport, England
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