Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

Posted by Zack Howe.
First posted on 20 March 2000. Last updated on 07 September 2009.
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In 1981, a new cinematic movie appears on the silver screen. The movie is called Raiders of the Lost Ark and the hero's name in the movie is Indiana Jones. This movie and its sequels have all enjoyed huge box-office success. Since that time, Indiana Jones has been among the most famous heroes in movie history.

Indiana, or Indy as known to his friends, is an archaeologist and an adventurer. He…

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We are desperate to find the hints and tips for my 10 year old son for Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine - PC version. We have a website on the back of the box which is but are unable to access it. Sam is trying to get onto level 4. Can you help? Val

By val • On 29 October 2000 • From Somewhere

The game Indiana Jones and Infernal machine was the Best most challenging game i have ever played! the graphics were amazing and i loved the story!I admit some levels were a bit to long and should have been shortened like the Meroe level but it was fun playing and finishing the game. on a scale Of 1-10 i give it a 9 (where 10 is the Best) It is a must get game for all Indy and Non Indy Fans!

By The Almighty Oracle • On 29 August 2000 • From RI US

Indiana Jones And the Infernal Machine, 3th chapter in kazakstan : 'pray to the four winds'; indy says all the time and I've already put the candles on that table.
I've tried everything.......
What must I do now?????????????????????

By cowboya • On 31 July 2000 • From Belgium

I would like to tell you that the game Indiana Jones is a terrific game to play. My husband and I couldn't wait to play it every evening when he camehome from work. I thought it was ingenous how the game was made. We just finished playing it, and we saw somewhere there was another game called Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade. However, we can't find it anywhere. I thought you guys would have it for sale. Could you help us locate this game. We will be looking forward to seeing Indiana Jones Infernal Machine part 2. We hope that you guys are busy making it. We want to thank you for making such an enjoyable and fun and ingenious game to play. We played many games, and this was by far THE BEST!!!

Anne & Harry
Pookies Place

By Anne • On 19 July 2000 • From Philadelphia

I read your review and it makes me want to purchase Indy and the Infernal Machine. Aren't there other Indy games previous to this one. Can't find them in local software stores. Can I purchase online?

By Nancy Rost • On 16 June 2000 • From Live in Santa Fe NM

I love the game of Indiana Jones and the infernal machine, and is a good choice to put that game in your site.

By Jaime • On 13 May 2000 • From Bogota, Colombia

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is a terrific action-adventure (I'm a die-hard Tombraider fan). I believe Indy is a very worthy competitor for Lara. When will there be a sequel for this game?

By Charles Sechrest • On 17 April 2000 • From American living in England
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