Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

Posted by Zack Howe.
First posted on 20 March 2000. Last updated on 07 September 2009.
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In 1981, a new cinematic movie appears on the silver screen. The movie is called Raiders of the Lost Ark and the hero's name in the movie is Indiana Jones. This movie and its sequels have all enjoyed huge box-office success. Since that time, Indiana Jones has been among the most famous heroes in movie history.

Indiana, or Indy as known to his friends, is an archaeologist and an adventurer. He…

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Previous Comments

i am looking for save games for indiana jones and the infernal machine because my game gets stuck at the beginning of level four where indy goes into the building but the picture shows only the outside of the guardhouse and there is nothing i can do exept shoot

By jurgen tromp • On 28 October 2001 • From netherlands

I have played the Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine demo and am buying the game this instant. I can honestly say that this game kicks major Soviet ASS!

By Nick Chaffey • On 17 October 2001 • From England

Hi, I have only just bought this Indiana Jones and the Infernal machine, but I am very pleased with the game up until now that is. I'm hoping someone can help me, I am having problems in finding help on this matter. I did have to download a patch because the game wouldn't access the Shambala Sanctuary level.
I am on the Shambala Sanctuary level (still) and using either joypad or keyboard, Indy will not pick up the seal that is on a pedestal in a room, as you probably know, It fits in a door and I can't get any further.
Please, any help appriciated.
Susan Daniels UK

By Susan • On 01 October 2001 • From Somewhere

I have played Indiana Jones & the infernal machine and I just love it! Please tell if there's a new one coming up!

By Karen • On 11 July 2001 • From S

Thank you for your hints,but have you any downloadable parts for the infernal machine?

By Andrew • On 29 June 2001 • From Attard

AAAUUUUGH! This game should come with a warning - "If you loved the Atlantis adventure, you'll HATE this one!" We were expecting another fun adventure game with REAL characters and an interesting and interactive storyline! Of all the horrid disappointments! Wish there was a way to get a refund!! We'd gladly trade it in for Monkey Island 4 or something! Bah Humbug!!! We didn't get beyond the first roomful of people you have to blow away...this is fun? NOT! Spiders...yes, snakes...yes, people characters - NO! Anyway, they should have more clearly marked the box to indicate the violent and SEGA-like gameplay this involves - which is totally unlike the previous Indy game and not an ADVENTURE gamer's idea of fun.

By Jeff & Ione • On 20 May 2001 • From Somewhere

The infernal machine is the best game i've ever played on a computer, i couldn't begin to tell u how much i actually enjoyed the game for it's puzzles, graphics and everything else. almost flawless. i found no faults except that it took a long time to load the game. i wld like to know if Lucasarts will be making more Indy computer games like the infernal machine, if so please inform me. i am a big fan of the indy movies and now the game itself. i never enjoyed another game as much as i enjoyed this terrific was just too good.
waiting in anticipation for ur reply.

By sandon • On 09 April 2001 • From india

I would like to Know free solutions site on the game: Indiana Jones and The Infernal Machine

By Ricardo Jorge Dinis Reis • On 24 March 2001 • From Portugal

2: Hello everything well? I am writing to know if I could obtain clues of the game Indiana Jones and the infernal M

By Gilberto balboeno da silva • On 03 February 2001 • From Somewhere

Have a couple of problems with the game!
it is very sluggish compared to Tomb Raider. Run and jump should also be more defined as in Tomb Raider. In Tomb Raider one' Slow Moves to the edge, takes one step backwards and then run Jump and grab which works 98% of the time, whereby in Indiana Jones, one needs to find the perfect excact point to do the same movement. In Level 4 I experienced problems that I had to download the start for Level 5. I got hold of Urgon's Part, but every time I want to use the part against the Ice Guardian, the game shuts down and I have to start all over again. I have e-mailed the problem to Lucas arts, but they never responded thus far. I would also like your advice on the Super Running Jump. if possible, please let me know how you position yourself before a ledge to do the running jump correctly

Hope to hear from you

By Magnus Zicker • On 15 January 2001 • From Namibia
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