Top 10 adventure games of all time

Posted by Rich Carlson.
First posted on 01 January 2000. Last updated on 15 May 2014.
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Adventure genre has undergone both a revolution and an evolution from the early days of Colossal Cave on a PDP-10 back in 1972. Since then, countless numbers of gamers have devoted endless hours inside the fascinating realms of interactive fiction. Thus, it is only fitting to reflect on these achievements and the few titles which have defined this genre. Some critics may say any list made for…

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I can't believe that Myst didn't get in here? I've played all these games and at least two of the Myst adventures should be on the list, if not all of them.
The Longest Journey, also a great game. Have you actually played these games?

Canada By Pilotwoody • On 03 December 2011 • From Toronto, Canada


No Gabriel Knight 2, and no King's Quest 6? Both are at the least leaps and bounds better than Fate of Atlantis.

United States By Guyman • On 15 July 2010 • From Wyoming USA

Very Good

Where is the Classic One Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth or usually called The Bizarre Advantures of Woodruff and the Schnibble?
It should be in place 5+. For me it's the absolute winner!

Hungary By lock&stock; • On 26 June 2010 • From Hungary

star control II is my favorite game, never thought of it as an adventure game, but i guess it is :)

not that big a fan of sam/max. discworld noir and the longest journey 1 deserve a spot too. and maybe some of the classic sierra online ones. awww. too many good games. only a few recent good ones though. gabriel knight 1 is certainly one of my fav sierra adventures.

game on brother

Netherlands By martijn • On 13 June 2010 • From Somewhere


As another poster has already stated, you really need a representative from the Myst series here, whether you personally are a fan of Myst style gameplay or not.

And I agree with the person who complained that Gabriel Knight games are missing. Sierra games in general are conspicuous by their absense.

And where is Obsidian? I suppose it was omitted because it was too "Myst like."

I've never even heard of Star Control II before. It may be a good game, but it apparently wasn't terribly influential, and the user reviews I've found online make me wonder if it isn't on the list simply due to the listmaker's personal preference.

Hitchhiker's Guide was too aggravating to finish. I certainly wouldn't call it a Top Ten game when there are many better candidates, even if you're restricting yourself to humorous games.

Though Adventure: Colossal Cave may have been the first adventure game, I don't think it's by any means a "Top Ten."

Maybe the list should have been named Personal Top Ten Adventure Games of the 20th Century.

United States By crabapple • On 25 April 2009 • From US


Where is the best trilogy? Gabriel Knight is awesome, all 3 of them and it's not in top 10. That's low really.

Romania By Gabriel knight • On 01 April 2009 • From Romania

LOOM is in fact number one

Romania By NO LOOM? • On 31 March 2009 • From Somewhere


No The Longest Journey= fail.
the rest of the list is okay though.

United States By Ian • On 23 June 2008 • From seattle, USA


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Malaysia By NICHOLAS CHENG YEE SHEN • On 16 June 2007 • From kuala lumpur,malaysia



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