King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 11 October 1997. Last updated on 11 August 2009.
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The latest incarnation in the King's Quest series continues with the adventures of Princess Rosella and Queen Valanice in the magical realm of Eldritch. In King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride, the central story involves the marital status, or rather lack of, of Princess Rosella. Designed by the venerable game designer Roberta Williams as well as Lorelei Shannon, the latest King's Quest tells…

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What the hell happened!? This game is *horrible* compared to the brilliant KQ6. The graphics are ugly, the voice acting is bad, Rosella has changed completely since KQ4 (and for the worse!) and it's just silly and very childish. Now, Kings Quest games have always been family oriented but come on!
Also, the video quality in the movies (intro, outro) is very bad! And the characters almost look scary in them as well.

Ah well.. most series go down the drain eventually with too many sequels so I guess I should be grateful it took this long for a horrible Kings Quest game to be released.

Norway By laffer • On 16 August 2007 • From Somewhere


never finished it

United States By cory • On 17 June 2007 • From tiffin ohio


hi, i really love this game, but i wanted to play that whit subtitles , cus how i dont have a very good english, just hearing the game becomes dificult to solve the puzzles whitout read all clues, hard figure out the pronunce... anyone know a way to get the subtitles on or some add, i dunno, maybe anyone can help me out...
ty so much...

Brazil By DEVon The SPIRIt • On 16 April 2007 • From brasil


veary good great even...!!!

United States By roosevelt woolfork • On 03 April 2007 • From milledgeville,usa

Very Good

is a very good

Canada By danny • On 11 March 2007 • From joliette


i lick this game

Maldives By mohamed • On 22 February 2007 • From maldives


I was wandering how i could download Kings Quest VII: Princeless Bride for free. Is that possible. and if so where.

United States By Kelly Darling • On 03 February 2007 • From Belvidere, US


One of the best CD-Rom games I've ever played. Just want to relive the memories. Where can I download it? Someone help me!

United States By Ryan • On 25 January 2007 • From Cincinnatti, United States


Oh Nany, how i feel your pain! I seriously love this game, but its so hard to find around. DEar Etheria! *sigh* My cousin had it once but i think it didnt work on my 'then-old' PC, and now i think he threw it away! =~(
My next call to bump for anyone; please if anyone has or knows where you can download this game (for free or purchaseable without credit card) please tell me or Nany or kat!

Thanxabunch! =D

Australia By Litza • On 19 January 2007 • From Sydney, Australia

when I try to pick up the fire cracker in King's Quest VII, it explodes in 2 seconds and it is impossible to go back to the game. Do you know how I can solve this problem or overcome this bug?

Netherlands By andrea • On 26 December 2006 • From Netherlands
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