King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 11 October 1997. Last updated on 11 August 2009.
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The latest incarnation in the King's Quest series continues with the adventures of Princess Rosella and Queen Valanice in the magical realm of Eldritch. In King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride, the central story involves the marital status, or rather lack of, of Princess Rosella. Designed by the venerable game designer Roberta Williams as well as Lorelei Shannon, the latest King's Quest tells…

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I want this game really

any one can give this game

i'll give'em the full solution og this game

and i need the game in free download and full


Saudi Arabia By nany • On 25 December 2006 • From canda


I liked the game for its graphics and mild difficulty. The pacing and plot flow could have been better.

Korea (South) By Seong Park • On 11 October 2006 • From Kyungju, South Korea

Where can I buy this game?

United States By katherine rodriguez • On 12 January 2005 • From orlando florida

I'm playing KQ 7.. and now I'm in the at the end, nearly end. I've got instructions this game, but but.. (In 6) I can't find the plug to the defense devise. If you've played this game you can tell to me, please?

Finland By Roona • On 26 September 2004 • From Finland

Dear fellow human beings,
This site is very unfare in the rating department,
Its swell in every other department though,
for eg:
KQ7 got very bad marks, so did KQ5,
I feel that you must be more of a friendly beaver and not such an old lady, thats what i said,
and he just turns around and slaps me with a wet fish and im like, what are you doing and hes like what?? and so i finished on top and all that but it was very hard, please remember to wash your hands after use.
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Large, Throbbing, Erect, Uncercumsized Member.

Thank you for your consern,

Johnathan McDoogle O'Brian McKiqqie Nilonson Jr the 3rd

Australia By Johnathan McDoogle O'Brian McKiqqie Nilonson Jr th • On 09 September 2004 • From USA


United States By George • On 22 June 2004 • From WEGENT

i need to figure out how to beat chapter one chapter three chapter four chapter five and chapter six

Canada By kenny • On 14 March 2004 • From Kelowna Canada

i have lost my installationguide for king quest 7,can someone help me and my children loves to play the game.thanks from a hopefull mother in stockholm,sweden.

Sweden By annika meshkin • On 02 March 2004 • From stockholm,sweden

I agree that those were terrific games and I wish we could get them ALL again. They were fun to play and we spent many a good evening playing them.
Williams was a terrific story teller and the artistry was fantastic for the times. Please bring all seven back to the stores

Canada By Mr. amd Mrs. G Dagenais • On 17 December 2003 • From Ontario Canada

is there a free site to download the games kings quest 3-8? if you know where I can get these games please email me at

United States By Brenda Robbins • On 08 March 2003 • From Cedarville, USA
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