Black Dahlia

Posted by Audrey Wells.
First posted on 03 December 1999. Last updated on 24 February 2010.
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Black Dahlia begins its somber and mysterious tale in 1941. The United States is plagued by a serial killer in Cleveland known as the "Torso Killer" and the grisly murder of an aspiring but aggrieved young actress in Los Angeles named Elizabeth Short, who is dubbed "Black Dahlia" for her propensity to wear black. Meanwhile, the Nazi's regime and their obsession with occult mysticism trouble the…

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Where can i find it?????
Plz... help me!

Brazil By Luiz • On 31 March 2006 • From Brasil

one of the best i have ever seen

United States By chris cox • On 24 March 2004 • From smithton missouri

need help lou is not showing at the raven.according to walk/ghs i ask helen about the stones but the dialogue is still the same as before 1.ask for the book 2. ask to look at the stained glass if any one knows how to force to talk to me!!! pls email me thnks

By fondas • On 19 February 2001 • From kalamata/greece