A brief history of Police Quest

Posted by James Helstrom.
First posted on 05 November 1999. Last updated on 15 January 2014.
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In 1987 a game company known as Sierra On-Line released a game called Police Quest. While not revolutionary in design (the first game of the series used the propriety AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter) interface which was considered to be the standard for adventure games at the time), the game was revolutionary in concept. Police Quest was the first game to accurately depict the occupation of a…

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Although an old posting I thought I would post anyway. Theres only really two games I loved growing up Super Mario and Police Quest I. I have been hoping that some day whoever owns the series title would come out with this game true to the original ( not like any of the new leasure suit larry titles...horrible) I liked Grand Theft Auto but if the roles were reversed wow that would be cool. Not just driving around pulling people over and shooting them but like real life situations.. anyways Ill still keep dreaming.

btw you can still download this at bestoldgames website

Canada By Jdot • On 10 May 2009 • From Canada


I love the origonal Police Quest games mainly because they portray Police work in a very realistic fashion. No massive ten minute slaghter fests like with todays Police simulations like True Crime and NARC. Everything was done by the numbers.

I think it would be great if they revived the series but on next gen systems with new age graphics and with a more Action/Adventure format where you can freely patrol whatever city is chosen and resolve street crimes and also take on story missions. And changing the format from a point and click or text based style to using a Third Person behind the back perspective but still having the same realism. Now that may or may not work, but it would still be really cool.

Canada By Connor • On 01 April 2007 • From Hamilton,Canada


Good job with the article.
I too wish they'd end the series with an adventure game, but Sierra has said on NUMEROUS occassions that the past is the past and they're finished with the genre for the most part.
I don't think it's for a lack of demand though. Things tend to run in cycles so maybe the adventure game is due for another spin? Let's hope so. With the graphical and technological capabilities that we have today a new PQ adventure title would be AMAZING. My only request would be to keep the simplicity intact, because in my opinion that's what made the originals so much fun.
Games today are just TOO DAMNED COMPLICATED, so I hope if they do make a new PQ adventure title, then it will have all the goodies that come with the new technology, but keep a SIMPLE point/click type of interface, with maybe a few action scenes spliced in.
Here's hoping!!

United States By Rich • On 04 March 2007 • From Boston, USA

i reall ythink u should not stop making these game they r amazing i really liek police quest 3 where u get to drive around and drive to the location and pull people over i liek that u can do wut everyday cops can i i wish they would come out with more police games.

Canada By shawn • On 03 December 2004 • From Calgary, Canada

I started playing PQ since I was a little girl. I love it. Even though it is quite old, it is still an excellent game!

Great Britain (UK) By Candice • On 26 March 2004 • From London UK


I saw on your Web site the list of all the Police Quest games made by Sierra. Do you know how or where I could get a copy of the Police Quest Collection Series? Is it available in Canada?

Thanks a lot for your help!

By J.F. Bastien • On 14 July 2002 • From Hull/Qu

Hello, I read your article of Police Quest. Well, I play this game (In Pursuit of the Death Angel)in 1988, but I lost. I want find this game because I want to play now, but in Internet I don`t found it. Did you know how I can download the serie of Police Quest?, Thank you very much

By Pablo Readi • On 27 December 2001 • From Santiago/Chile

Great articles especially the Police Quest
series. Will definitely use this site to determine which classic game to buy!

By Farisai Mabvudza • On 07 July 2000 • From Zimbabwe

He whats up i am stuck in on police quest three the kindered i was wondering if there is a walk through out there somewhere if you can send me an email and help me out it would be great.

By Josh mikely • On 15 February 2000 • From s.c

Police quest kicks ass!!!!!

By Dave simmons • On 16 December 1999 • From Canada