King's Quest: Quest for the Crown

Posted by Joppe Bos.
First posted on 20 September 1999. Last updated on 24 November 2013.
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In 1984 Roberta Williams created the King's Quest series, a series that forever changed the face of adventure gaming. It was a series that helped to define an entirely new gaming genre—graphic adventures. King's Quest: Quest for the Crown was the first game Williams created for the series. With this masterpiece of art and technology, she made a landmark history in the computer gaming world.…

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Yes, this is great.

I've been searching around the internet for who knows how long and just can't find a downloadable "enhanced version" from 1990. If someone has an idea, I'd like to know.

Finland By Julle • On 27 January 2009 • From Helsinki


A true classic. Period.

United States By Pier • On 28 December 2008 • From Oakland, CA, USA


King's Quest series of games still rule 20 years later.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 28 August 2007 • From Banora Point


I must say that I definately preferred the remake from the 90s, 'cause the graphics were so much better. But I didn't like the fact that the remakers had changed the storyline, even if only a little.
All the KQs are fantastic, ┬┤though the dead-end situations are truly annoying. I just finished KQ8 and was so disappointed 'cause the game had come so far away from the original fairy-tale adventures.
Happy holidays!

Finland By Rrrrust • On 11 December 2006 • From hki, fin


I have played this game since 1986 and I've been hooked ever since. You just can't beat a classic like this. I would love to see it released again in its original format and not in the 1990 remake format.

United States By Mike • On 11 December 2006 • From Toledo, Ohio USA


United States By JOE LAWSON • On 03 May 2004 • From CHARLOTTTESVILLE. VA., u.s.a.

i would like to findout about downloading information for King's Quest. When i was a kid i had kings quest 1. that was when the floppy disks were actually floppy.

By matt coyne • On 18 April 2002 • From hilton head island, usa

Hey, I definetly agree with your opinion. King's Quest I isn't exactly an action packed game, but it is a classic and worth playing. I think the same about the other King's Quests and also other games made by Sierra such as Gold Rush (1987-1991). I played all of those games when I was a kid in elementary school at California.

By Matt • On 20 July 2001 • From Midland/Michigan