Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Posted by Greg Wallace.
First posted on 28 March 1999. Last updated on 04 July 2010.
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Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire is a game that exists largely due to its strong fan base. After the disappointing sales of Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness, Sierra On-Line temporarily shelves the series. Eventually, fans convince the company to allow co-creator Lori Cole to finish the epic story. Since its inception, the game has found itself in a position of living up to a great legacy. In…

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Previous Comments

if you are reading this i would like to know which wire frame program you used for the game Quest for Glory V
because me and my friends are going to make a game and would like to know please email your answer to

By Jim • On 10 November 2002 • From des moines USA

This game is so cool, i want to sell Quest of glory 5 dragon fire againg in the stores. and i want that game because I yust I have a demo. its so cool.

By Bryan • On 13 October 2002 • From Canada

hi. i think qfg5 is the best game EVER created. i actually feel sad sometimes that there are no more of the series. my game crashed a few months ago and just wont work, so i can only play it on my grandparents computer ( im not sure why) but, i was wondering if this has happened to you before: around a little after half way through the game, about where the rite where you go into hades occurs, an option called silly clown mode pops up in the menu too. what is that about? This has puzzled me for quite awhile. Lastly, I would like to know if there is any place that I can find the soundtrack to qfg5, because I have looked in many popular and big music stores and they didn't have it.

from, sheridan

By sheridan • On 09 October 2002 • From US

I only played Dragon fire. I'm 16 years old. It was a great game, the few bugs weren't bad.I just want to say that I want Dragon fire to be followed up by just another, maby better game.


By jan sanen • On 18 September 2002 • From Belgium

Can you tell me were i can down load a patch to fix the bugs in my copy of Quest for Glory Dragon Fire Thankyou

By Morris • On 03 July 2002 • From Mississauga Ontario Canada

Quest For Glory V is so FAR the BEST among other QFGV series however I do not agree that the storyline is poor.Yaaa I do agree the graphics can improve further.Anyway pardon me.I really like QFG5 and very disaapointed that SIERRA has ended production in QFG Series... :( Maybe One DAY IF I BECOME PROGRAMMER I WILL CONTINUE IT SERIES

By Thornton • On 01 July 2002 • From Singapore

Man! Althought I agree 1/2 of the Flaws that was commented above. For a Veteran QFG Fan like myself.. I find it an excellent game.. as the Story is intriging and exciting. I hope Sierra would produce the QFG 6!!!

By Marcus • On 29 March 2002 • From Singapore

just would like to say i have played all of the
quests for glory and really enjoy them. please
send me info on the new one num. 6

By jim • On 06 July 2000 • From michigan
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