Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Posted by Greg Wallace.
First posted on 28 March 1999. Last updated on 04 July 2010.
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Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire is a game that exists largely due to its strong fan base. After the disappointing sales of Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness, Sierra On-Line temporarily shelves the series. Eventually, fans convince the company to allow co-creator Lori Cole to finish the epic story. Since its inception, the game has found itself in a position of living up to a great legacy. In…

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This is my one of my favorite pc games of all time. It's got role-play, fighting, magic, inventory-based puzzles, romance and great humor. It rocks!

United States By Natalie • On 26 April 2006 • From USA

i'm need to game

Brazil By ricardo • On 04 September 2004 • From brasil-recife

I was wondering if this game will work with Windows XP Home Edition? (I hope so). So far, I haven't been able to get it to work. Is there anything special I have to do? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I really want to play this game but I really like Win XP also. Thanks for your help.
Bob Nash

United States By Bob Nash • On 30 August 2004 • From Lynn Haven, FL 32444 United States

i would like to play this game on the pc please

United States By Ted Dusman • On 10 July 2004 • From flatroch/united states

will not play. click on and screen blinks black then back to desk top.please help!running win.xp

Canada By gerald johnston • On 11 June 2004 • From white rock b.c. canada

i love quest for glory games.Also I'm a J.R.R. tolkien books

United States By eladrien • On 11 June 2004 • From wenatchee chelan

ich nicht weiter

Germany By konrad sitorius • On 06 April 2004 • From 35792 L

When i read the review for QFG5, i agreed with most of it, but i think that the storyline and the manual are great! I only have played QFG5 and i read the manual and the short 'descriptions" about the others. (QFG1,2,3,4) I wish Sierra didn't abondon the QFG series, because I really want to play QFG 1,2,3 and 4. I am a real big fan of Sierra and i'd wish that they would continue all of their series such as Kings Quest.(i spent about 12 months playing and replaying all of the Kings Quest series.) Oh and had any1 ever played lighthouse? I remember playing it when i was 5 years old with my dad. It was my first Sierra game and i'll never forget it! 7th guest was another one of my favorites too. Well those were the good old days... now Sierra (to me) is cutting down on the adventure games. Well if anyone knows where I can buy QFG1,2,3 and 4, please e-mail me at I hope to see Sierra continue the QFG series. (and the King's Quest series too) Well i gotta go now to finish my QFGV experience....

United States By Joseph Kodos • On 23 November 2003 • From Harrison Township, Michigan

Does anyone know if there is a patch that would let Quest for Glory V work on the Windows XP home edition. It loads fine but will not pull up. I like this game but it seems a shame that I can not run it on my new system. Thanks to all.

United States By Eric Z. • On 20 April 2003 • From Midland, Michigan USA

Hey, on our brand new copy of QFG 5, nothing seems to work! We've installed it several times, and have windows ME, but it always seems to crash early on in the game, such as it will not let us go into "Danger" (When Erasmus asks which you would like, Danger or Silmaria) and it won't let us leave the city!! Does anyone know what the problem is, or perhaps how to fix it? Help Please!!

By Sandy DeVito • On 18 February 2003 • From US, Pennsylvania
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