Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Posted by Greg Wallace.
First posted on 28 March 1999. Last updated on 04 July 2010.
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Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire is a game that exists largely due to its strong fan base. After the disappointing sales of Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness, Sierra On-Line temporarily shelves the series. Eventually, fans convince the company to allow co-creator Lori Cole to finish the epic story. Since its inception, the game has found itself in a position of living up to a great legacy. In…

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Previous Comments

I tried to run the game in compatibility mode for 98 and 2000 and still won't work. as soon i click on the icon, it goes black like its loading and then a microsoft window pops up that says there was an error and the program needs to close. any suggestions?

United States By Liz • On 12 May 2008 • From USA

i have downloaded all the patches that i can find over and over again and yet i can't get the game to run on my window xp. i have the install cd and game cd but it runs the game designers program but not the game at all. what should i do? i don't have the cd case. do i need a code?

United States By alice • On 21 April 2008 • From chapel hill nc


I managed to get Quest for Glory 5 to run very well on Windows XP (with the patches and updates) until Minos kills himself and breaks the prophecy stone. After the sequence when the dragon awakens, Elsa says something like 'i fear we are in very big trouble now' and then the game just closes out! I've tried running it in compatibility mode for 95 and 2000 and I'm getting ready to try it for 98, but if it doesn't work, is there something I can do to stop it from doing that??

United States By Llewyn • On 03 February 2008 • From USA


where can i find this game. please help me

Turkey By selcuk • On 25 January 2008 • From istanbul,Turkey


Qfg5 is one of the best games i've ever played!! I've had some problems as to playing it ever since my cdrom wrecked my cd. Now i finally made the disc work again but the game won't work on Win Vista!!!?? Please help!

Norway By Øystein • On 21 January 2008 • From Stavanger, Norway

Will Quest For Glory V work on WIndows Vista?

United Arab Emirates By Shradha • On 19 July 2007 • From U.A.E

Windows 98 compatibility mode lets me run this in WinXP.. for modern contemporaries, "The Longest Journey" and "Dreamfall" might be your best bet for adventure gaming.

Canada By Andre • On 24 June 2007 • From Toronto, Canada

I too played the old Sierra games (SQ, QFG, KQ) when they first came out, back when I was just a child. I wish they made games like those today but I think the world and computing has changed too much. We lived through a golden age with those games and perhaps they shall return but perhaps not. Nice to see you enjoyed them too Linda! (Not sure if you will return to this shite but if you do, let me know if you found anything like those games today.)

United States By James • On 17 September 2006 • From NC, USA

I played those great old Sierra game series (QFG & KQ) back when they were originally released. I am looking for a contemporary equivalent to those old games. Is there anything that has been released in recent years that is in the character of these series? I'm not sure where to start looking. Thanks for any direction you can provide.

United States By Linda • On 22 June 2006 • From MO, USA


For those having problems playing the game in ME and XP, go into the executable's properties (right-click and go to Properties, or hit Alt-Enter) and make sure that the Compatibility Mode is set to Windows 98.

United States By Brendan • On 09 June 2006 • From San Diego, USA
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