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Adventure Classic Gaming (adventureclassicgaming.com) is the premiere website dedicated to classic and retro adventure gaming. We seek to be a comprehensive online resource on classic adventure games and interactive fiction. Our site covers all gaming platforms, both computers and consoles. We cover games by both independent and commercial developers. Our dedicated team…

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Previous Comments

I totally disagree. It is all bull****

By John Gorsuch • On 04 February 2003 • From Rockford,IL United States

Excellent site for adventure seekers. :)

By Savvas Lazarides • On 03 February 2003 • From Cyprus

i love this game and I like your pagesbecause they are very datailed. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By tobiaskrafft • On 18 December 2002 • From GERMANY waldmannshofen

I dunno who wrote the review crap but i think the game rocks ! and system requirements are heavy ??

I think someone needs his head checked by a CAT scan because i think it's empty !!!

By no one • On 17 December 2002 • From Netherlands

Your site helped me a lot

By Brittney • On 16 December 2002 • From Florissant

Very very good site!!!
I find a lot of nice things.

PS: My english is possibly wrong, because I live in Finland.

By Player • On 15 December 2002 • From Finland

I'm not a teen, but I Love playing mystery games and would love to be included in any reviews, previews, or help in whatever way in the previewing or making of a mystery game.

By debbie wilder • On 10 December 2002 • From marcola/usa

I am trying to buy this game, but I can not get it to work with windows xp. Is there any software that can help me get this to work???

By Jeremy Marwitz • On 29 November 2002 • From Tucson/USA

I would like to say that this is very cool and I am really intersted

By samantha felix • On 28 November 2002 • From pembroke,ontario

very interesting

By Kate • On 27 November 2002 • From nigeria
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