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Adventure Classic Gaming (adventureclassicgaming.com) is the premiere website dedicated to classic and retro adventure gaming. We seek to be a comprehensive online resource on classic adventure games and interactive fiction. Our site covers all gaming platforms, both computers and consoles. We cover games by both independent and commercial developers. Our dedicated team…

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where kan i buy this game or download it

Netherlands By dennis • On 30 March 2003 • From Weert Netherlands

We're writing an html based point n click game which you can try out at www32.brinkster.com/hyperart. My question is? What's the best way to get feedback on our progress? Are there any websites dedicated to this type of adventure game? Is it good, shall we continue??? Would like to hear from anyone who tries it out.

Great Britain (UK) By Technocube • On 26 March 2003 • From London, UK

I agree totaly with the author

United States By Nick Polykandriotis • On 18 March 2003 • From Joliet, IL U.S.A.

Very good site, but one point.

Your ''review'' list is far from adequate, because many of the games you list have nothing to do with adventures (Die Hard Trilogy? The Star Wars first person shooters? These games aren't even hybrids, they are actioners, maybe the Phantom Menace has some adventure talk-em-up elements), and you forgot to mention several notable games.

Anyways, keep up the good work, and keep the point & click spirt alive!

Greece By bvader • On 11 March 2003 • From UK

this site is very cool.How to sign up?

India By naveen • On 28 February 2003 • From Tamil Nadu (India)

well the game play rating is way to low

i love the game

By dn • On 18 February 2003 • From jyfjk

I think the previous review summed it up for me. It was good for a one-time thrill.

By Theresa williams • On 08 February 2003 • From Dallas/USA

Great site, I have an Amiga 1200, which I am busy collecting games for, there are not many adventure games
for the new consoles, so I have gone retro gaming

By Gary Doughty • On 08 February 2003 • From Sevenoaks England


By ANDREW BARCLAY • On 07 February 2003 • From BALT,MD.

i was trying to find a downloadable version of this game. i played sveral years ago when it was new and i want to play it again. if u know where to go please help. thank you

By Jennifer Collins • On 05 February 2003 • From Austin USA
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