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Adventure Classic Gaming (adventureclassicgaming.com) is the premiere website dedicated to classic and retro adventure gaming. We seek to be a comprehensive online resource on classic adventure games and interactive fiction. Our site covers all gaming platforms, both computers and consoles. We cover games by both independent and commercial developers. Our dedicated team…

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I love adventure games, therefor I love this site.

Canada By Ryan Khatam • On 23 November 2014 • From USA



Please Please make an update of the Byzantine The Betrayal. I have my box of 6 or 7 cd's sitting next to me, but I can't use them The graphics were exquisit, the game was non violent, just beautiful to look at. My friend and I used to play it a lot, solving the problems and just investigating the buildings. He passed away last year but I would still love to be able to wonder through these great places by myself. Loved all the little side games as well. It was just such a beautiful game.

If you have made any others as wonder as this one could you please forward its name to me

Australia By Jennifer Forbes • On 29 January 2012 • From Australia

Very Good

Hi, I think you should check out Clocktower for the super nintendo. It was never released in the USA but you can download an english version for free if you use an emulator, and it is firmly in the adventure drama (with the exception of being stalked by a serial killer, which makes it a little more survival-horror-esque). You do not want the site to feel to biased against console-based games in favor of computer games, it's better if the site is based solely on a love of the adventure genre which transcends all console boundaries.

United States By Bennet • On 14 September 2011 • From Seattle WA


This is an excellent site.

We would like to invite David Tanguay (one of the authors) for an international screenwriting research conference (next year) concerning classic media and new media like adventure games.
I am one of the organisers.
My email adress is: vercauteren.hugo@skynet.be.

Can anybody please give me his contact/email adress. Thank you.

Vercauteren Hugo

Belgium By Vercauteren Hugo • On 09 November 2010 • From Belgium


comment avoir le jeu atlantrs the lost tales merci

France By dem • On 18 March 2009 • From france

Very Good

Thank you for the work you do. This is a really great site. I admire your decision to maintain your impartiality and refuse sponsorship. It is a rare thing and highly commendable. I know I can trust the reviews I read here, and it shows in the writing.
I also really enjoyed the interviews with all the various game creators, not only higher profile companies but smaller european companies too.It is a very enjoyable and enlightening perspective. Keep up the great work. -David

Japan By David McDermott • On 11 October 2008 • From Kobe Japan


i liekd your site.

United States By Jim Dobson • On 11 September 2006 • From United States


Kindly be advised that your contact us form does not work. Everytime I try to contact this site and type in the necessary info and security verification number and hit submit, the next screen says that I am not authorized to perform this action.

I am trying to contact you about a posting I would like removed.

United States By Ron • On 13 May 2006 • From Somewhere

i need walkthrough for legacy of kain soul reaver 2

United States By Patrick Cook • On 16 April 2005 • From clarkrange TN. United States

Great site, I enjoyed looking around :)

United States By Tiffany • On 24 March 2005 • From Somewhere
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