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Adventure Classic Gaming (adventureclassicgaming.com) is the premiere website dedicated to classic and retro adventure gaming. We seek to be a comprehensive online resource on classic adventure games and interactive fiction. Our site covers all gaming platforms, both computers and consoles. We cover games by both independent and commercial developers. Our dedicated team…

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I've seen very interesting things here and I would like to become a member of your site, so please inform me how I supose to do that?
Best regards,

Czechoslovakia (former) By Svetlana • On 23 March 2005 • From Leskovac, Serbia

i dont know what to do when i find the alter and put my blood in it i end up dieing and i dont know what im doing wrong

United States By gwen bishop • On 12 March 2005 • From flat rock ala united states

Hi all... GREAT SITE!

I have emailed you before but never got a reply, so I dont know if your updating this site or not, but.........Heres a bit of NEW news for ya.

I was looking in my local paper when I read that a new company (well, their an old company really, cos they started back in the Dragon32 and Amiga days) were all set to release an adventure game.

Its based on a well known authors book and it sounded great...And right now I'm getting fed-up with the shoot-em-ups that all the kiddies want to play...You seen the computer mags these days??? Not a real adventure in sight, unless you call running about shooting things to find a key to open a door an adventure!! LOL ;)

Anyhow, I took a look at their site and downloaded the demo, and I have to tell ya, its BRILL.... Just a total great game. Better than 99% of the useless so-called 'new releases' that we adventures have had to put up with.

I thought I would tell you all cos a lot of the stuff on most adventure game sites are either about old stuff or about home-made games (NOT that I'm saying there is anything wrong with old stuff or home-made)
There's just not a lot of new quality pure adventure games being released in today's market, so these guys deserve our support IMHO.

Anyway, I gotta go now....but I will be back!
This site looks great and I can see me being pretty active on it... which should annoy the wife cos I spend far too long on line so she says. LOL


PS: I did find a site that had already reviewed the game, http://www.european-graphics-guild.tk/
I think it's the fourth or fifth down on the review area.

Great Britain (UK) By Shane • On 26 February 2005 • From Muskegon MI


China By DR MUGU • On 11 February 2005 • From LA/TOGO

Nice site!

United States By Seth • On 12 January 2005 • From Somewhere

nice site

Israel By owerri • On 30 December 2004 • From lome-togo

send me a solutions

Algeria By idoll • On 18 November 2004 • From algeria

help me to find the knight plug!

Mexico By Violet Bennington • On 13 November 2004 • From M

Am I glad I found this site! It's the most comprehensive site for adventure game enthusiasts I've ever seen! Great job, I will recommend it to friends.
Lynda http://www.dontlikemyjob.com

Canada By Lynda • On 10 November 2004 • From Toronto, Canada

Mail me and tell me if you need revue of some of the games I've played or will play. I play on the PS2 and the PC. I was trying to ge a copy of Blood Omen 1 for the PC, because I've played all the other titles in the series.When I found your website. I have always had plenty of good and bad critisisms for the games I play.

United States By Jabbar Cirrito • On 28 September 2004 • From POrtlan ,OR/ United Stataes of America
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