The Dagger of Amon Ra: A Laura Bow Mystery

Posted by Robert Perrett.
First posted on 26 February 1999. Last updated on 08 August 2009.
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The Dagger of Amon Ra: A Laura Bow Mystery is the second installment in the Laura Bow Mystery series. In this sequel, our intrepid reporter investigates the theft of an ancient artifact that subsequently leads to several murders inside a museum. To many Sierra On-Line fans, this game is among the last decent adventure titles produced by the company before its eventual demise as a developer of…

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I loved this game, but some of the other commenters are right in that the game is pretty much impossible without a walkthrough.

United States By John • On 17 October 2010 • From New York, New York


The game is decent, but some things really bother me. For starters, yeah, I know the internet didn't exist when the original was made, but even so; it doesn't take a professional historian to know that Egypt is an Arabic-speaking Islamic country.

No one has spoken 'Egyptian' in 1300 years. Why are all the Egyptians named after (the hellenized forms of) ancient Egyptian pharaohs and deities? Why does that one doctor guy worship Amon-Ra? Why does he talk about speaking 'Egyptian'?

Now, granted, there's the Coptic language, which is spoken by a small Christian minority. But Coptic has as much -- if not more -- resemblance to Greek as it does to the extinct Egyptian language, which, again, is extinct. It's an entirely different language, and most Coptic names sound more Greek than anything. Oh, and also, nearly all Copts are Christian, so... yeah.

I mean, it'd be like if they had an Italian character named Gaius Octavius who worshiped the ancient Roman pantheon and talked about how Jupiter and Minerva will punish those who blaspheme against them. It would be stupid and make no sense.

United States By Cameron • On 17 October 2010 • From Denver, USA

Very Good

I love this game and I never finished it but I really would like to know who did it and if there are any other games like this out there?????????????????

United States By Colleen • On 25 January 2009 • From VT


This game sucks. The story is unrealistic and the deadends are annoing.
The first one was much better than Amon Raa.
Laura is made into a real stupid hillbilly.

Finland By sss • On 13 December 2006 • From Finland


Great game!

Belgium By Jose • On 01 December 2006 • From Barcelona, Spain


One of the best adventures I've ever played.

Belgium By PearlChoco • On 01 December 2006 • From Leuven, Belgium


Laura Bow 2 is a frustrating game with loads of dead-ends where you have to start the bloody game all over again. The graphics are nice but the story is terrible and full of loose ends and stupid solutions.
The only good parts were the dead body pictures with the creepy music...
Dagger of Amon Ra is nothing like the first, beloved Colonel's Bequest, one of the greatest games in adventure history!

Finland By Ruster • On 27 May 2006 • From Helsinki, Finland

I've began to play Laura Bow 2, but I don't know how continue because when I intent to up in a taxi, I haven't got any money. Where must I go before?
I talk with every person I can in the office.
Thank you.

Spain By Mar • On 12 May 2003 • From M

Buying the box of the King's Quest Collection I never knew there would be another game added on. That other game was Laura Bow: The Dagger of Aman Ra. This, I must say, is possibly one of the best games I have ever played out of many. Sadly, these creative, hand drawn games aren't produced anymore. I've searched every store hoping that another pc game like this might be produced, but to my dismay it wasn't. To some up everything I would like to say I agree with you 100% and this sequal to Laura Bow: Colonel's Bequest should never be forgotten.

By Anonymous • On 20 November 2001 • From U.S.

Excellent page profiling the old Sierra adventure game Laura Bow and the Dagger of Amon Ra!

My daughter and I had many great hours back in Win 3.1 era trying to solve that game.
She contacted me recently to mention how great that game now seems and I agreed.
I took on looking on the web to see if an upgrade had been done for the Windows 9x era.
We would LOVE to have that game or Monkey Island, just to travel
back into those wonderful scenes one more time.
A real adventure into a SEQUEL would be seem almost too much to ever hope for now! But exactly what we were hoping to find!
Thanks for the great summary and description.
Somebody should note for youngsters nowadays, and the greediacs exploiting them, that many of these old games were
far more engaging than the most recent high-detail high-activity crap!

Comic book art 'works' even though it is flat and static. Some people will still spend money to stimulate their imaginations instead of their hyper-reflexes. But thanks for the excellent information! Best wishes!
Tom L.

By Tom Lowrey • On 18 July 2001 • From US
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