Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!

Posted by Raymond Phathanavirangoon.
First posted on 24 February 1999. Last updated on 08 August 2009.
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Leisure Suit Larry is a name that gamers have known for over a decade. During his heydays, Larry spends his time continuously being rejected by beautiful women from all over the world. His adventure spans over 6 titles, 1 rather useless Windows utility, and 1 casino game. Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! is the latest incarnation of this series and details the most recent chapter in Mr…

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It is a little known fact that Peggy was voiced by the late, great Mary Kay Bergman. Apparently, she wanted to be anonymously credited for the role, as she thought it could affect her status as the voice of Disney's Snow White at the time. MKB also did the same thing when she started doing voice work on South Park. She was initially credited under a pseudonym, until the studio started getting tons of mail for "Shannen Cassidy". She then decided to be credited under her real name. In keeping with Mary Kay's wishes, Al Lowe has always chosen not to disclose the identity of Peggy's voice actor, even going so far as to tell people that the voice actor in question is still working today. ;)

Australia By Phil • On 28 January 2013 • From Lost Wages, USA

how can i find lesure suit larry and louge lizards

Canada By mike hardy • On 08 June 2010 • From Somewhere


can someone tell me, where can I download it?

Canada By Duborn • On 29 May 2010 • From Indonesia


thank u

India By honish • On 19 April 2010 • From mumbai


Yes I would like to own this game but cannot find it anywhere on the net

Australia By Kevin • On 11 April 2010 • From Australia


hey if anyone has th game can u send me the install in an email i would really apprecate it i love this game but broke my copy

United States By Shannon • On 25 February 2010 • From San Jose


very thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Egypt By ahmed • On 17 February 2010 • From egypt


I need it download

Czech Republic By miky1 • On 01 September 2009 • From Czech

I am also wondering where I can get a free download of Magna Cum Laude and Love for Sail. There has to be someplace.

United States By B Sitz • On 18 February 2009 • From Bancock, Thi.

I wish Sierra will re-publish all the series as Lucasarts did one year ago for his Classic adventure games...
I would be the first in collect them! :)

Italy By bruno • On 16 September 2008 • From padova, italy
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