Star Trek: The Next Generation “A Final Unity”

Posted by Joshua Mintzer.
First posted on 26 December 1998. Last updated on 15 May 2011.
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While Interplay Productions has been the company to beat in adventure games based on the Star Trek license, Spectrum Holobyte has done a remarkable job of making a distinctive, enjoyable, and even deep adventure from the exploits of Picard and company. With top notch voice acting, multiple narrative paths, various difficulty settings, challenging puzzles, and gorgeous graphics, Star Trek: The…

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Very Good

This is an excellent game with a few serious flaws. The story truly is superb, the voice-acting is great, and the graphics are good. There are some missed opportunities and cumbersome interfaces, as outlined in the review, and there are some serious puzzle flaws as mentioned in the comments. Many of the puzzles are quite interesting and reasonable. But there are a few cripplers in there. There is one that I could not figure out simply because of the poor manner in which it was drawn (the gap crossing puzzle). I think a game glitch contributed also (the game can be glitchy, save often). There is also another puzzle that is a "dumb guessing game," to quote another commentator (the alien transporter). And finally, there is a very frustrating coordinate hunt towards the end of the game, where if you screw something subtle up, you end up searching fairly aimlessly for the right astronavigational location. Quite a pain. But don't by any means miss this game if you like star trek. The story is quite incredible, and the game mechanics are adequate enough. Just save often, and keep a walkthrough handy for the handful of absolutely annoying parts. (Game runs great on windows XP with a free utility called dosbox)

United States By Geme • On 02 August 2011 • From US


For a great free game in the spirit of A Final Unity, play Star Trek: the Continuing Voyage

United States By Yosef • On 03 June 2009 • From New York, United States

Very Good

Big fan of the classics and final unity is right up there with the best of them. with regards to the comment by werner from netherlands ive found that a lot of old DOS games are supported by Windos XP but never tried it with this one. anyone out there who has?

Great Britain (UK) By Mike Carthew • On 16 June 2006 • From Scotland

Are there any free games on star trek right now
that I can play!!

United States By Chris Holfman • On 28 June 2005 • From San Angelo unite state

Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity" is one of my favourite computer games. The only thing I dislike is the fact that it cannot be run under Windows. Isn't there a Windows version?

By Werner • On 20 August 2002 • From Netherlands

This review of "Star Trek: A Final Unity" is way too kind -- almost fawning. The puzzles are NOT well designed and frequently just illogical guessing games.

By Jim • On 11 March 2002 • From Austin, TX ,US