Maniac Mansion

Posted by Yoav Ben-Raphael.
First posted on 08 October 1998. Last updated on 11 August 2009.
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In its early days of glory, Lucasfilm Games publishes about 1-2 adventure or quest games per year. The company is well known for the superb graphics and gameplay in its games. Among these titles is Maniac Mansion—a classic adventure game from the days when the PC XT rules the world. The game has even inspired a television series by the same name.

It has been 20 years since a strange meteor…

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Previous Comments

Thank you for such an informative site. Maniac Mansion brings back fond memories of the C64. I would love to get hold of a copy of Maniac Mansion to play on my PC. I have been to the C64 site (with the Top 50 games), this is where i first saw Maniac Mansion listed, but had trouble downloading it onto a disk. Your web page mentioned an updated cd version....where can i get this it available in general computer stores? Thanks for your help and a HUGE thank you for such a wonderfully informative site, its people like yourselves that keep these computer games alive.

By Kirstin Wood • On 22 June 2002 • From Perth, Western Australia

Hey! This is the first time that I have been to your site. Pretty cool! Found out about it by wanting to see if there were any news on "Maniac Mansion". I didn't know that there was a sequel. I wish that there would be a revival for PS2, Gamecube, or Xbox. I think I'll start a campaign to write in to request a return. Well it was fun. Bye.

By Paul Honles • On 27 November 2001 • From Seattle/USA

Hi there!

Just started reading your "Maniac Mansion" Review...
You wrote "in the days when PC XT ruled the world" (or something likewise) WRONG!

A PC XT was then the crappiest machine you could own! A must be were those Commodore machines: Everybody had a C64 and wanted to have an Amiga. These were machines that had a certain spirit, but nowdays when Apple and PC are nearly the same you are appologized if you don't remeber.

A fan of the old times

By Peter • On 12 October 2001 • From K

Hello! Looks like a wonderful site you have here! The Maniac Mansion review was really good! Keep it up! ~FO

By Flying Omelette • On 19 February 2001 • From New Jersey

i love the game maniac mansion can you tell me where to get it or send it to me i still have the old nintendo entertainment systerm

By Rodrigo • On 27 May 2000 • From n.s.w
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