Maniac Mansion

Posted by Yoav Ben-Raphael.
First posted on 08 October 1998. Last updated on 11 August 2009.
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In its early days of glory, Lucasfilm Games publishes about 1-2 adventure or quest games per year. The company is well known for the superb graphics and gameplay in its games. Among these titles is Maniac Mansion—a classic adventure game from the days when the PC XT rules the world. The game has even inspired a television series by the same name.

It has been 20 years since a strange meteor…

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Great website! miss these games

South Africa By Frank • On 08 September 2012 • From johannesburg, south africa


Yeah the game is wicked.

Australia By Joel • On 14 August 2010 • From Wagga, Australia



Can you get this game for PC? Cause if you can how do I get it for PC?

Canada By Matthew • On 05 June 2008 • From Prince Rupert, Canada


If you google maniac mansion, you can find a remade version by Lucasfan. Same goes for King's quest 3, 2, and 1, but on different sites. It's a little different, but better graphics, runs on xp, and no copyrights in game.

United States By Anonymous • On 07 May 2008 • From non of your beeswax

Very Good

i am looking for a copy of this game and codes to be played on a sony psp and or windows 2000 can you help thanks

United States By sean vredenburg • On 16 April 2008 • From rialto califonia


WOW, amazing to see another Kirstin Wood on this site...and in Perth too!! I was just googling to see if there were any updates on Maniac Mansion after id been telling a friend about it. MM was my favourite game on the C64..ahhh those were the days. I would absolutely love to see the game updated with top notch graphics and made available on PC or play station. I'll keep my fingers crossed that that day is not too far away :-)

Australia By Kirstin Wood • On 08 September 2006 • From Perth, WA

what is the chainsaw for in the game?
and please make a new manic mansion version
for the new systems like xbox ps2 gamecube
that would be a blockbuster title.. this game is a very cool game.. love to see it on the big 3 systems
with the orignal cast....!!that would be so cool

United States By jeff • On 02 April 2004 • From louisville,ky usa

I love this game. every thing that was said was true even the down parts about the game. But the up part is we always played it no matter if it was to slow or if its 1 slot to save.

United States By Theresa Seldon • On 01 April 2004 • From Cincinnati Hamilton

i know what you mean...and i came across your article searching for a walkthrough to maniac mansion, which im now going to bypass. i already ruined grim fandango(although i did solve alot of it on my own)which is one of the best games ever made. I am going to seek help at a CA (cheaters anonimous) meeting and thankyou for reminding me of th shame of cheating yourself out of solving the game alone.

By dan • On 22 November 2002 • From new york

Hi there,
in my opinion "Maniac Mansion" and Zak McKracken were the greatest Adventures ever. They opened new ways of computer playing and brought a lot of fun, not only into a child's world of fantasy.

By Christian • On 12 July 2002 • From Germany
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