Posted by Mervyn Graham.
First posted on 20 May 2013. Last updated on 20 May 2013.
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At first glance, Digital Media Workshop may appear to be merely just another nondescript production company based in Long Island, New York. Founded by Mike Morrison, the company has actually been in operation since 1997, specializing in audio and video media productions such as music and video digital editing, recording, and mixing. Other services that the company provides include 3D design and…

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I appreciate your comment and perception of the game. The puzzles in this game are totally logical and fully integrated into the game as a natural sequence of events as you explore the derelict spaceship. There is nothing contrived with the placing of the puzzles as they are not there for the sake of having another puzzle for the fun of it. With 8 years of making in the game, with refinement after refinement, the game has been professionally and exceptionally evolved to what it is now. I can only presume that the final two Acts of the game, together with more functions included in the first two Acts, will be just as good. You will not be disappointed in this game.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 25 May 2013 • From Australia

Very Good

I'm really looking forward to this game! One of the things I'm most excited about is how (from what I've heard) they've managed to integrate the puzzles into the gameworld. I love adventure games, but even the best ones often have puzzles that don't "fit". Sure, they may stick to the game's themes, but there's really no logical reason for them to be there, other than for you to solve them. Games are about a sense of place for me, so every time I encounter a puzzle that doesn't really belong, it kind of kicks me out; that's why Riven is superior to Myst imo - in Myst the puzzles are more often than not just puzzles, but in Riven the puzzles are so intricately tied into their world that through the process of solving them you learn more about the world they inhabit. A derelict spaceship represents the perfect setting for all kinds of puzzles that make absolute sense within that context, and everything I've read seems to indicate the Prominence team is doing a great job drawing from that potential. Needless to say, I'm getting this one for sure :)

United States By Lujami • On 23 May 2013 • From Seattle, USA