Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in The Spinal Frontier

Posted by Peter Lamberton.
First posted on 24 August 1998. Last updated on 01 November 2011.
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Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in The Spinal Frontier is the first made for CD game in the long running Space Quest series. Each game in the series has taken advantage of the newest technology available at the time. This latest sequel is no exception. It is a full multimedia extravaganza, complete with original music and digitized voices. This is also the first game in which the player can hear…

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I played all of the SQ game at the time they came out on the hardware available at the time. The height of the series was SQ4.

SQ1-SQ5 were great games but SQ6 is totally different. It is tedious and the voice, music graphics and especially the humor are not up to the standard of the previous games.

There is a old saying in Hollywood that the last sequel never makes any money and it appears that SQ6 didn't sell well enough to pay for SQ7 which was cancelled.

You will have hours of fun playing SQ1-SQ5 so stick with those and avoid the disappointment that is SQ6.

United States By Richard • On 29 November 2010 • From Victoria BC Canada

Cosmos Quest 2 - finally released! You can download it for free from: cosmos-quest dot com


Bulgaria By Cosmos Quest II • On 12 May 2008 • From Sofia


100 100

Egypt By adham • On 02 January 2008 • From cairo

I found a game inspired by Space Quest Series. Even the main character is like Roger Wilco from Space Quest 6. The game is called Cosmos Quest.

Bulgaria By Piotr Kowalski • On 06 November 2007 • From Krakow, Poland


I found the French version to download but that may not apply to some people

Australia By David • On 14 January 2007 • From Australia


Someone must know where to get this game. I NEED IT

United States By James • On 11 November 2006 • From Somewhere


Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in The Spinal Frontier

I am wondering if this game is available for win xp? Would love to play this again..

United States By Homer • On 06 August 2006 • From Newark Delaware USA.

HEy does anyone know where i can get a wav of the file from the game of him saying want to ride to worm eh,!?!?!? please help

United States By Tprach • On 22 August 2003 • From South Carolina USA

i have played the space quest games since i could sit on my dads lap so i remember playing all the space quest games over and over again and i oved them all but i think that space quest 6 was the funniest and funest to play.......but it suck a lot that i can not find another copy of space quest 6 to download or buy....i have found 1-5 but never 6 what is up with that?? i think that it should be put out more on sites and stores because its such a great game!!! if there is any place that i an download or buy a copy please tell me!!!!!

By jason lee • On 17 April 2002 • From auburn, WA

Hey nice page, listen do you know anywhere i can download Space Quest 6? or someone that can help me?

By Vince • On 01 October 2001 • From Spain
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