The 11th Hour: The sequel to The 7th Guest

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 26 April 1996. Last updated on 05 December 2013.
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With over 4 years in development, The 11th Hour: The sequel to The 7th Guest is Trilobyte's attempt to capitalize on the success of The 7th Guest which considered by many to be the "killer app" that popularizes the CD-ROM technology. This time, the terror of Stauf falls on an investigator reporter whose girlfriend has mysteriously been kidnapped while investigating the Stauf mansion. Armed with…

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Previous Comments

Can I get the music from the game somewhere? The song that is in the beginning before you start the game(the 11th hour)...?
If somebody know, please write to me!

Sweden By Johanna • On 18 February 2003 • From Stockholm, Sweden

You probabliy can't tell me whether there are any shops left which sell 11th hour. If you can, please tell me.
Thanks in advance.

By Sam • On 21 June 2002 • From W

You missed out:
7th Guest
11th Hour
Realms of the Haunting

All of which I highly recommend

By Iain • On 18 June 2002 • From N. Ireland

I have played the 7th guest and the 11th hour, and I enjoyed every minute. I now own a MAC, and would really like to continue playing these games - is there any way to download it onto my machine? I'd be willing to pay retail if I could access it somehow on my MAC. Thank you!!

By J. Bowring • On 20 November 2001 • From Minneapolis

[ Spoilers below ]
[ Sorry this is brief, but I am really running out of net time...]

Oh, come on!! The game was superb! You say the plot was bad? Please, reconsider your notion. It's _deep_! Look, when you stroll the dimly-lit hallways of the Stauf mansion, getting jumpy from every occasional sound or piece of animation, and it suddenly dawns on you that the house is _alive_, a living creature... The atmosphere is everything, really.

You say puzzled were bad? Baloney. The anagrams were _everything_. Like "A letter from Greece is quite a number in Rome". Or, "Unreasonable reason". "Unreasonable" can mean "crazy", or "loco", if you know Spanish, and "a reason" why you do something is also called "a motive". Locomotive. There ya go! Or "[something] this ancient castle keep this famous prince a place to sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream of an upset teargarden indochine." Beautiful! And yes, I am an ESOL student, and yes, I dig stuff like that. Playing with the language. Groovy.

The bottom line is this: "11H" is one of the best graphic adventure games ever made, succumbing, perhaps, only to Grim Fandango. Hey, is there a Grim Fandango review on this site? I must check it out!! What about FF7/8/9/10?

By Alex Spiridonov • On 24 July 2001 • From Vladimir, Russia
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