Space Quest V: The Next Mutation

Posted by Martin Dietz.
First posted on 21 August 1998. Last updated on 01 November 2011.
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Roger Wilco has done it again! After saving the planet and the guys from Andromeda, our intrepid hero is back for his next adventure—Space Quest V: The Next Mutation. This time, he is not on his own but as a member of the Star Confederation. With the help of his friends, he is ready to clean the galaxy of unwanted scum and social garbage. Although the game references itself to both Space Quest…

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Previous Comments

I just wanted to say that as
a adventure gamer through out the years, that your games are one of the best that I have ever played. You did an excellent job making all of your Space Quest games...


By Justin Fish • On 20 March 2002 • From Bayville, USA

can you send me a game of space quest II?

By Darrell • On 28 July 2001 • From Somewhere

I like your sight. Can you tell me whatever happen to the guys who made the space quest series? I went to sierra's site and I didn't see any of the space quest series listed there anymore.
Did they start their own company or are they out of the business?

By Joe burton • On 20 October 2000 • From USA

great site trying to find a down load of space quest 2 love the game


By eddy • On 16 February 2000 • From texas