The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes - Case of the Serrated Scalpel

Posted by Martin Dietz.
First posted on 23 July 1998. Last updated on 26 February 2015.
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Have you ever dreamed of solving a crime like the Master of Deduction Sherlock Holmes? Here is your opportunity to do so in an original murder mystery adventure developed by Mythos Software. Although the characters Sherlock Holmes and John H Watson are created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the story depicted in this game is not based on his work. Despite this, such creative adaptation of one of the…

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Previous Comments

I'm wondering if the mentioned CD-ROM version that 'features digitized voices, sound tracks, and animations not found in the original version' is really a PC-CDROM version.

The PC-CDROM versions that I've aquired were basically the same as the PC-floppy versions since they are only featuring digitized voices in certain cutscenes (and are the same in MB size).

I know of the existence of the 3DO CDROM release that does indeed feature additional things like full speech and live actors. But I never came around a PC-CDROM release that has these features.

Germany By Ronny Zuschke • On 19 October 2006 • From Germany


good game

Thailand By mahesak sivaangu • On 26 September 2006 • From bangkok

This is somewhat related to the above game. A friend gave me Sherlock Holmes The case of the Serrated Blade several years ago when it first came out. At the time the disk were 3 1/2 inch floppies. There were 9 disk in all. something happened to disk 8 and I could not reload the game when I replaced my old computer. Rummaging around tonight I found the program and remembered that I had enjoyed it so much that I was hoping that you might tell me where I could get some replacement disk. Perhaps it is now out on CD. I also see here that there was perhaps a followup game or two. Can you tell me how I might obtain copies of those as well. Any help would be appreciated.

Ken West

By Ken West • On 21 October 2002 • From Petal, MS.

Hi, I think your site is great but I wonder if you could really help me. I'm desperately looking for somewhere to preferably download or if not buy, "Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel" Please can you help me!

By Richard Archer • On 16 June 2001 • From U.K.