Pallav Nawani

IronCode Gaming

Posted by Patrick Talbot.
First posted on 25 November 2012. Last updated on 25 November 2012.
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India is becoming the new fertile grounds for indie adventure game developers. Though adventure games are not as popular in that country as compared to games of other genres, these intrepid developers are fast changing the local game industry landscape by creating engaging adventure games with high production values on a budget. Pallav Nawani of Ironcode Gaming is an Indian indie developer who…

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Absolutely, wonderful games.

Pallav Nawani, the game designer and developer seems to have a very bright future nad cuts across the gaming world with this sharp brilliance

India By Tanya • On 01 March 2013 • From Singapore


Excellent article.

I discovered these titles through Big Fish Games, played them and enjoyed them very much. I had always wished to know more about them and who made them.

Thanks Pallav, for your thoughts on the genre and a little of your past history. I am looking forward to more adventures from you and IronCode.

Canada By Thomas Cappelli • On 10 December 2012 • From USA

Very Good


Keep up the spirit. Keep making better, brighter and entertaining games :)



India By Brian • On 27 November 2012 • From Bangalore, India