The faces of Flashback

Posted by Mark Agerholm.
First posted on 07 March 2012. Last updated on 07 March 2012.
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If you are a longtime gamer, then you may be familiar with a classic game called Flashback. Indeed, if you hold an interest in the history of adventure gaming, then chances are that you already own this game or will want a copy of your own. Originally released for the Amiga (1992),1 Flashback is an impressive technological feat for a video game of its time, featuring animated cut scenes,…

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Nice article!
I'm a huge fan of flashback too.This game made me love video games and sci-fi in general.That's why i'm trying to collect every possible edition(so any help is welcome).
As for the three games, i think no one can tell wich one is the best.I believe that each one is a step of evolution of the previous.
Especially Another world is an old time masterpiece, a kind of its own.In the other hand, Flashback is the ideal combination and evulation of p.o.p. and a.w. and that's why i prefer it most.
I'm waiting many years a hd remake like the one of the Another world but no luck..

United States By Kostas Evagelidis • On 27 April 2012 • From Somewhere

You raise valid points that Flashback was not the innovator of this breed of 2-D platform adventure games, nor was it nearly as atmospheric as Out of This World (the localized North American title for Another World). Both Another World and Prince of Persia have undergone similar mass-porting treatments, but I haven't heard about or experienced any particularly terrible ports of either title, whereas Flashback varies wildly from port to port. Another World is probably more fondly remembered by critics and game developers, whereas Flashback, the best-selling French game of all time, reached a wider audience in the marketplace. Though I agree that both Another World and Prince of Persia are more important milestones in the history of gaming, I certainly wouldn't dismiss Flashback as a footnote, as it still holds a huge cult following and is often cited as one of the more important adventure games of its time.

United States By Mark Agerholm • On 13 April 2012 • From United States

There was a zoom feature in the PC version of Flashback. It had three settings as far as I can remember: on, off and auto. On was pointless as you couldn't see much around you; auto was confusing as it focused on anyone you shot; off was probably what most people selected (and then forgot that it existed). I'd completely forgotten about it until you mentioned it.

I think fortune has smiled somewhat too much on Flashback. I loved it when I got it but thinking back it's a bit too slow, cumbersome and not very atmospheric. I remember being absolutely outraged and writing into the excellent PC Review because they gave it a seven or eight out of ten instead of a nine (which is possibly the highest they ever awarded a game?). They published my letter as far as I can remember but they were right about the score. Flashback is often linked to Eric Chahi's timeless Another World due to the fact that Delphine Software produced both... but there is no relation. A history course should feature the original Prince of Persia for realistic character movement in a platform game and Another World for its incredible blend of cinema, gameplay and style... Flashback is a mere footnote: a good game that does not stand the test of time.

Ireland By ansionnach • On 10 April 2012 • From Somewhere