Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel

Posted by Betty Moffett.
First posted on 15 May 1998. Last updated on 29 July 2012.
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The remake of Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel is welcomed by this adventure gamer ever since I have tinkered with the original release. The original version is a demanding game, with a typed command interface that uses keyboard arrows to make the game characters move on screen. I cannot count the times I have mistakenly reached for my mouse only to remember that it is of no use then.…

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Great Great Great Games while I was in Elementary School

Canada By D-REXX • On 21 August 2010 • From Jakarta, Indonesia


This game is one of the best PC games I have ever played. I just wish I still had it. I don't have a credit card to pay with, I wish I could find this game for free on the net. Is there any way that I can get a copy? Please help?


United States By Cheri-Lee • On 12 March 2010 • From South Africa

Can't wait to play this again!

Great Britain (UK) By Phil • On 07 February 2010 • From Portsmout, england

Very Good

the best game i've ever played

South Africa By brendon caddick • On 31 July 2009 • From South Africa Klersdorp


Awsome game remembering playing it when i was a kid....wish i still had it!

United States By christopher Gauthier • On 30 January 2009 • From Canada


i want this game for free because i want to learn english

Canada By dave • On 28 September 2008 • From canada


I love this game. I make you feel like your doing the real thing.

Netherlands Antilles By Jermaine ARRINDELL • On 22 February 2008 • From St Maarten


In the UK at least you can buy the whole Police Quest collection on one disc. If you want it for download, don't expect it to be illegal. This isn't abandonware as it seems Vivendi Universal have a long time to go before they go the pan (unfortunately).

Europe By Stefan L • On 25 August 2007 • From England


download please

Indonesia By Charlie • On 24 August 2007 • From indonesia


I love this game!! it was my second Sierra game, after Leisure Suit Larry 1..! and now i can play these games on my Nintendo DS, thanks to ScummVM DS Port!! i love these adventure games..! thumbs up!!

ps.: you can download these games from most abandonware-sites.. XD

Norway By Kim A. Larsen • On 31 July 2007 • From Norway
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