King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Posted by Eivind Hagerup.
First posted on 20 April 1998. Last updated on 27 July 2010.
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Since 1980, Roberta Williams has brought us some of the best adventure games ever made. Many of these titles have pushed the limits of computer adventure gaming. Her signature King's Quest series is made up of such titles. King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown is the first adventure game to be modeled in a 3D like environment. King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne is the first adventure game to…

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Very Good

@alex It's clear you never played a Sierra adventure or any other old school adventure before Lucas. While i can understand your frustration, this game it's totally worth playing for any old school adventure fan. It's a really fun game, a bit challenging (like most Sierra games)but that should be no surprise. Im kind of sad that this beatiful saga is now on the hands of Telltale.This games that were known for it's advanced difficulty, now are gonna be made by the company of the most straight-forward and easy adventure games.

United States By Gaston • On 27 February 2012 • From Argentina


I loved the adventures from lucas, and if compared to them this game is not worth to be played.
- You die every min for stupid reasons (e.g. you enter a room in the catacombs; you never visited it before, and guess what? you die. You think what to do (which is what you do in this kind of games..) for more than 3s, and you die...). It's frustrating unless you save every 2 minutes or know what to do in advance.
- Multiple endings are bad engineered: too different from each other. That is, you are bound to an ending far too early in the game. Also, [SPOILER HERE!!!!!!!] if you do not, for some reason, show the ring to the guy in the library, you can forget the best ending because you'll loose the ring during the game.
- Things appear out of the blue for no reason (e.g., the drink-me potion or the animal hanging from the tree -the one that speaks like Yoda).
- ...

Germany By alex • On 25 February 2012 • From italy


is it so hard for you

United States By aubrie • On 20 September 2008 • From tx


i can beat it its so eacy

United States By aubrie • On 20 September 2008 • From tx

Very Good

i've tried to et passed the ferryman in many ways
when hes not out side the boat and when hes not...
i've also tried to get the ali the the book store owner to tell me but no way hes telling me more keeped on asking him to answer my question and got him to repeat
but still no more answer about the ferry...


United States By Robert • On 17 September 2008 • From Chicopee usa


send me the game, please!

Korea (South) By • On 21 July 2008 • From seoul, s.korea


Totally brilliant. The story is filled with a type of imagination that is rare for computer games, old or new. Five out of five.

Norway By Balthazar • On 14 March 2008 • From Oslo, Norway


lost the manual- can't do the cliffs of logic without it- can someone help me decipher the alphabet thing?

United States By Ashlie • On 01 September 2007 • From usa


I need to know what the alphabet translator is and where to get it. If someone has one and can email it to me that would be great. I am stuck at sacred mountain cause I don't have the tranlator. Thanks

United States By Jessica • On 27 December 2006 • From Eugene, OR, USA


This is one of my favorite games of all time! Just a little info for anybody looking to get this game to work on a newer system: I've stumbled across various patches and VM's which will "play" the game but most aren't up to date with XP and usually the game still has issues such as the sound not working and random crashing. However, Vivendi Games, who in case you all didn't know has aquired Sierra and all it's properties not too long ago, has just released a King's Quest Compilation for Windows XP, which contains KQ 1-7. It's under $20, which as we all know is WAY cheap for this set.

FYI, Vivendi has also released similar compilations for Space Quest AND Leisure Suit Larry. Is Vivendi trying to bring adventure games back in style? I hope so, cause Vivendi has also paired up with Double Fine, Tim Schafer's new studio, to create an "as-of-yet-un-announced" game. If you don't know who Tim is, then you can't call yourself an adventure gamer; regardless, that game will definately be one to look out for in the future!!!

United States By matty • On 24 September 2006 • From Seoul, Korea
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