Police Quest: Daryl F. Gates' Open Season

Posted by Betty Moffett.
First posted on 10 April 1998. Last updated on 29 July 2012.
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Police Quest: Daryl F. Gates' Open Season, also known as Police Quest 4: Open Season, is the most realistic crime solving game I have ever played. The game centers on a serial killer who terrorizes the citizens of Los Angeles. Who shall be the next victim? It is "open season" on everyone, hence the title of this game.

You play the role of John Carey, a detective of the Los Angeles Police…

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Very Good

i like the game its very good games

United Arab Emirates By laith • On 22 January 2010 • From united arabe emarets


I am stuck on Day 1 : i went to the morgue and talked and noted some stuff took 2 belonging bags with me and wend outside,

BUT...everytime i want to go into my car it says:


when i put the keys on the car it says:


nOW WHAT DO I DO? can anyone contact me for an solution?

Greets From Holland

Netherlands By Richie • On 30 January 2008 • From Netherlands


Some fun things to do while playing PQ Open season.


in the first scene
Chalk on Nobiles

Parker Center:
Valium on Block
Talk on Boars head
Spare change on Chester, Bill, Hal and Block
Candy bar on Hal
Badge on Chester and Bill
Hand on outside building
All your inventory at properties
Womens shoe on Block

South Central(lucky mini mart)
plastic bags on chips
leave without paying(save first)
try to get second can of glue
Valium on chips and apple
Putty knife on apple and chips
Pretzels, Lighter, Candy bar on Kim Chee
talk on chips, cans and tv
Money on chips

South Central(emo and herbie)
Pic of you and Hickman on Emo before and after flashing badge
Apple and candy bar on Emo
prybar on post

South Central(washington home)
id card to Mrs Washington
Glass jar on car
form papers on Mrs Washington

Candy bar on Hickmans body
Putty knife on Nobiles
Gun and candybar on weight
Candy bar on sink
Gun on body graphic
Chalk on Nobiles
Keys on cooler door
Gun on cooler door
All your inventory in the garbage

Hickmans house
Gun on flag

Short stop(after meeting Chester and Nobiles)
Dectectives kit on bartender(hahahahaha)
valium on woman
funeral notice on pool player

Yo Moneys home
Badge on Bush where you find shoe
Valium on Yo Money and girl
Glue on girl

Dennis Walkers house:
Gun on flag
Gun on stereo
Hand on flag
Hand on graffiti
Hand on Walker
Shoe on Walker

Badge on dog
Shoe on dog

I'm done for now listing all of these. Christ the amazing things is they recorded response to all of these rather than just generic stock answers.

Canada By john doe • On 23 January 2007 • From Somewhere


The best part of the game is free-wheeling you can do with your inventory and icon controls. Hahhaha. Click every item on everything and you get some stock answers and some really screwy ones. Even for Sierra.

Canada By john doe • On 22 January 2007 • From Somewhere

Very Good

I love this game. I have the compilation for XP and have played 1, 2 and 3 and now am playing 4. The problem is, I can't end day 4 (Wednesday). I have followed a step-by-step walkthrough to the letter, but I never see Sherry and the news team so the day won't end. I've started at my saved begin Day 4 at least 5 times, and I've tried everything possible - can't talk to the coroner after I qualify at the range - Sherry tells me he is busy - honest! When I get to Hollywood and Vine and talk to the proprietor of Ragin' Records, I never get the dialog option to discuss the police vehicle - only the Ford Tempo - I think he is the trigger I need to end the day, but I can't force the police car option. I have searched everywhere on the internet to find help for this to no avail.

United States By Judy Adams • On 11 October 2006 • From Coral Springs USA


The Police Quest games were GREAT SUCH FUN - Too bad they came out with the swat team game - it was so in to the different weapons and ammunition that they forgot it was to play and enjoy with having fun. Bought it and after two hours ditched it.

United States By Becky • On 23 September 2006 • From Omaha USA

Very Good

can anyone help me play pq4 on windows xp?

Great Britain (UK) By jo chappel • On 18 April 2006 • From uk brighton

Iam a huge fan of the police quest series..especially PQ4.Great plot,characters..makes for some interesting gameplay.I had played the game back in 1998,Iam playing it again..brings back old memories.Truly a brilliant creation!Other than that iam a fan of the lost files sherlock series and iam looking for the rose and tattoo.

India By Abiroop Dutta • On 16 May 2005 • From Calcutta,India

the game keeps crashing after i get sio far into it.
i have been trying to finish this game for 2 years. and ti will not let me. what am i doing wrong. pleas help.

United States By evette • On 28 December 2004 • From inkster/ usa

I'm just started playing the Police Quest games and i am looking voor a guideline (how to play the games) for playing on the PC. For excample how do i slowdown the car etc.

By Rob • On 06 August 2002 • From Netherlands
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