Developer's postmortem: Safecracker

Posted by Nigel Papworth.
First posted on 01 January 2011. Last updated on 05 June 2011.
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In 1992, I started a wildly successful computer game development company. I did it without ever having written a line of code or placing a pixel of graphics in any computer program that even remotely resembled a game. Further, the time from making the decision to start a company to signing a multinational contract with a leading entertainment studio took only about a couple of months and no more…

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Riveting reading!
Where is the next part?

United States By Giles Habibula • On 18 July 2011 • From Bismarck, ND USA


Thank you sir for sharing your amazing story! Truly a story of great faith on the part of you and your fellow team members. I greatly appreciate it and am inspired as well as encouraged. I eagerly look forward to you next article on finding a publisher for the games release. Again thank you and God bless!

United States By Andrew • On 01 February 2011 • From Houston, Tx


A great story!
Thanxs for sharing.

Sweden By JP • On 07 January 2011 • From Sweden

Terrific account so far! Can't wait to read what happens next!

United States By oraxon • On 06 January 2011 • From Somewhere