The Secret of Monkey Island

Posted by Joonas Linkola.
First posted on 14 March 1998. Last updated on 14 December 2009.
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Whenever a list of best computer games of all time is created, rather few old titles pop up. The adventure games from the Monkey Island series always appear on such a list. The series has been a legend among adventure gamers since the release of The Secret of Monkey Island. Ron Gilbert, the creator of the series and the designer of this first game, has achieved a position akin to that of a…

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Legendary game on Amiga 500.
Great story with lots of ground to cover and people to talk to. Excellent graphics and perfect gameplay makes this game a real jewel ! The only thing I disliked about MI is an annoying sword fighting. Never actually got the point of that .....

Germany By markegiani • On 07 February 2015 • From Novi Sad, Serbia

Very Good

"The highlight of this game is definitely its humor. In fact, The Secret of Monkey Island is credited for inventing the concept of humor in computer games."

This is absolutely preposterous. SOMI was far from the first game to use good humor. LucasArts themselves released at least two very funny games before the MI days -- namely, Maniac Mansion and Zak McCracken. Humor in computer games has been around since Zork. Perhaps earlier. Anyone who attributes a 1990 game with "inventing" it needs a reality check.

Very good adventure game, although it is eclipsed by many games that came after.

United States By boB • On 16 August 2009 • From Cleveland, Ohio, USA


It got mee hooked forever till today

Malaysia By Hyker2holy • On 17 April 2008 • From KL


The Secret of Monkey Island truly is one of the great classics of the genre, but I sometimes worry that folks (especially those who played the game as kids) see it through rose-tinted lenses. It's certainly a fun game with clever puzzles and caustic wit, but it's not the best GAG I've played. What really makes the game stand out for me is Ron Gilbert's recognition that a good GAG doesn't have to punish the player. Instead of killing off the character at every turn (and presenting him with ways to get the game in an unwinnable state), Gilbert encourages him to explore without fear.

On the other hand, the game is lacking in some key aspects. Most notably, this is a light-hearted romp, as it was intended to be. While there's nothing wrong wiht that, there's nothing "deep" here to walk away with--like you get with The Dig, Riven, or even Syberia. In my view, the best GAGs are the ones that go beyond fun and get at something more meaningful. In short, I think Monkey Island is great in the same way that movies like Pirates of the Caribbean or The Princess Bride are great--tremendous fun, but ultimately frivolous.

United States By Matt Barton • On 14 June 2007 • From St Cloud, MN


This is simply not only one of the greatest games ever but for me it represented games at there creative peak. True, true genius. There will never be another game like it..."Im a rubber you are glue"

Great Britain (UK) By Bill Vulture • On 16 May 2007 • From England


I consider myself lucky for having grown up with LucasArts games like this, Maniac Mansion or Indy & the Last Crusade. Historical, and we were there to play it!

France By Jacinto • On 06 April 2007 • From Madrid, Spain


Very exellent game! I love these games! M1 & M2 RULES!

Finland By MI FAN • On 08 February 2007 • From Hyvink√§√§ Finland


The best advanture game ever

Poland By Michal Zajac • On 14 June 2006 • From Lodz, Poland


this game is the best ever, and whoever complains about the graphics or missing speech can boil their heads!
The music is the best and the plot is so pirate-full I just love it so much!
Why can't all games be like monkey island 1 and 2?

Finland By Ruster • On 27 April 2006 • From Helsinki, Finland


Great Game

Poland By Mentos • On 17 April 2006 • From Poland
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