Posted by Mervyn Graham.
First posted on 23 March 2010. Last updated on 23 March 2010.
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It is estimated that nearly a third of all people in the world affiliated with religious denominations are Christians. The Bible makes many promises as to the fate of its believers who choose to follow the principles prescribed in its teachings or to deliberately disobey them. Theologians, who study the Bible and abide to its recorded history, place the first man (Adam) to just over 6,000 years…

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A friend let me check out this game on his system....

A blond sexpot, with pouting lips and large, oh-so-supple, breasts, preaches and guides an astronaut on christian virtues... I can barely continue.

Hey, the sexy Barbie character was nice to look at, in a very cornfed, nordic, middle-american, stripper kind of way, but it's a little too obvious.

If I want porn, or just to look at hot women (in real life) there are plenty of other, better sources for such titillation to be had. It's kind of desperate to so blatantly use sex to sell their religious product. I'm sure that many hands were a sinnin' after looking at her tight, lacy clothing.

Other than that, the games pretty useless.

Also, the image of the Blond Jesus (lot of blonds in this game) is ridiculous. You do realize that the biblical Jesus was supposed to be a middle-eastern Jew? How many germanic types do you think lived in the mid-east at the time he was supposed to exist?

All-in-all, I found the game to be ridiculous.

United States By You're kidding. • On 08 September 2011 • From New York, USA